What I thought of A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night #1

agirlwalkshomealoneatnightA Girl Walks Home Alone At Night is billed as Iran’s first ‘vampire western’ and this comic version by the film’s writer Ana Lily Amirpour is drawn by Michael DeWeese and it’s bloody wonderful. I’ve never heard of much genre fiction coming from Iran although I’m aware of it’s comics scene.


The comic tells the story of a lonely vampire in an Iranian city called ‘Bad City’ over one night as she prowls it’s darkened street. The art by DeWeese is wonderfully evocative in its thick blacks, and the writing by Arimpour is of an amazingly high quality that makes me wonder why on earth this release through Comixology isn’t getting more buzz and praise because it’s a lovely little comic and yes, I desperately want to see the film off the back of this comic.


Yes, some of the art in the second half of the book is iffy at times but it doesn’t detract from a strange little story set in a place most of us in the West know little about. It’s 69 whole pence on Comixology and is worth taking a punt on.

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