One step forward, two steps back

My spine feels like Batman here, but sadly there’s no miracle cure coming my way so painkillers galore and lots of rest so I can hopefully do things this weekend.

Batman: Knightfall - Wikipedia

Lockdown took a toll on my health but trying to do normal things is a chore when you’ve had a stroke, so heavy painkillers and rest. Maybe Batman might swing by with a miracle cure…

Do MCU fans like the comics their favourite films are baed on?

We’re a few weeks away from The Eternals coming out. Now The Eternals was not one of Jack Kirby’s greatest creations but it was a great attempt to forge a science fiction epic which was typical late era Kirby in that it was big, bold, colourful and directly influenced by the Chariots of the Gods stuff which was a huge thing in the mid 70’s. It has improved incredibly well over the years as one of Kirby’s works.

Slings & Arrows

But the first clips paint this huge world of Kirby’s shit grey, or brown and what colour there is has been muted as The Eternals become a low rent Justice League fighting ultra generic CGI monsters.

It just looks dreary compared to the source material yet for a generation the source material is ‘too loud’, ‘blocky’, and worse as if they’d rather have blandness over celebrating the source material. and it isn’t as if Marvel haven’t completely embraced Kirby like they did with Thor: Ragnarok, which as we know was a massive financial and critical success for a studio becoming increasingly obsessed with the larger plot over individual stories.

Now it could be because these people grew up on sparsely drawn manga, or they’re not used to the multiple languages of comics, or even if they’re away that Kirby created or co-created 90% of the characters they obsess over but to see so many dismiss Kirby’s work is depressing as without that work they’d have nothing to obsess over unless Kevin Fiege had decided to create a multi-billon dollar Rawhide Kid film.

But Superman shouldn’t be gay!!!

The headlines are full of gay at the minute as Superman is gay!!

The new DC Superman comes out as bisexual | GamesRadar+

Except it isn’t Superman, it’s his son. DC here are having their cake and eating it, and yes, it is a massive publicity stunt because superhero comics love a publicity stunt, and yes, DC can stuff him back in the closet just as quickly as they pulled him out of it. But it’s a sort of positive in that more gay, BI and lesbian representation is in superhero comics but not just to get a sales boost or tens of thousands of headlines across the world. Making gay from the off rather than in Jon’s case, aged up rapidly (last time I read a comic with him in it a couple of years ago he was barely out of nappies) to late teens/early 20’s to fit this storyline in.

So overall, a good thing but could still do better.

Come to Glasgow this weekend to buy lots of lovely comics from me

This weekend Glasgow has it’s first comics event for over two years!


The location for this is nice and central at the RSS Centre/Renfield Centre, 260 Bath Street. Glasgow, G2 4JP, and it’s also spitting distance from where I live so no ridiculously early rise for me. This is the first chance to give customers a good chance at my back issues (oo err) as the marts I’ve been doing in shopping centres are a much scaled down operation.

So come spend money and help make some room so I can get more comics to sell you lovely people!

Here’s some tasters…

And literally thousands more…

A quick word about Dave Chappelle’s final Netflix special

I’ve always had an odd relationship with Chappelle’s work. At times he’s a stone-cold fucking genius, others he makes me cringe from either piss-poor material or just a terrible construction of a routine. In this final special, The Closer, Chappelle does something else which is to genuinely tell a touching, affecting story in the more offensive way possible while at the same time landing blows on parts and people of the age we’re living in.

By now some of the content of the special has made it out into the world with it being labelled ‘transphobic’, which to be fair, some of it certainly is depending on whatever one’s definition of ‘transphobia’ is as Chappelle goes headfirst into the debate and mentions the issues with the Trans movement as we’ve known it over the last six or seven years. He crosses boundries, which is good, and make you uncomfortable which is agin, good as a good comic should be able to make you question your beliefs. Like Chappelle I tend to beleive in basic science in that one can’t change sex, (though Chappelle fucks up and calls sex ‘gender’ which is something entirely different) but thaat gender is a social construct designed to keep women, and men, from never actually breaking down barriers. Gender is something which should be ripped down, not expanded into 157 varieties making the issue even worse and it essentially turns identity into a commodity you can just pick off a shelf without all that making it up yourself as you develop as a person.

Chappelle though has a point in all this in the last 15 minutes where he outlines the story of a trans-woman who was a fan of his that he helped nurture even to the point of getting them to open for him. By the time we get to the punchline we get why Chappelle is so angry with a certain type of ‘Trans’ person who would rather tear down one of their own tribe than engage with the points raised. In this case there’s a tragic result. I won’t spoil it all as it’s tragic, melancholy and angry all at the same time so those damning this sight unseen, or crying out to cancel Chappelle (which makes part of the point of this special) as those deserving of the venom thrown at them near the end of this show.

Work past some of the flat jokes here (the ‘Space Jews’ skit was funnier when Mel Brooks cracked it) for some biting commentary on one of the big subjects of the day, but that last 15 minutes elevates this. The Closer isn’t the funniest of his Netflix specials, but it may just be his most important.

Billie Eilish headingling Glastonbury 2022

Assuming the UK hasn’t collapsed into a Mad Maxian dystopia by next June, the Friday headliner of the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival next year will be Billie Eilish. A young pop star and one of the more interesting ones as it seems she’s a lot more control over herself and her material than most pop stars of her age (she’s only 19) throughout history.


Of course this being the age we’re living in the news was met with crashing wave of frothing hatred of both Elish and women in general, as Glastonbury shouldn’t have big, successful chart acts headlining as there isn’t a history of that going right back to the first festival 52 years ago. No, it was the usual hatred of women, especially young women from people living in the past.

Obviously getting a ticket permitted, I might go and see her or one of the 100 or so acts which will be on at the same time, or I might sit by a bar or the Stone Circle chilling. That’s the beauty of Glastonbury; you aren’t locked to the main stages unless that’s what you want so why complain about someone you can easily walk away from?

Unless its Coldplay. They can fuck off.

My shopping and health recommendation of the week!

As anyone who has been reading this blog for a while knows, back in 2016 I had a stroke and was also diagnosed with cancer, so it was a year to say the least. One which was topped off with developing sciatica so back pain is a constant part of my life but you kind of have to deal with it which I have but sometimes it can be too much at times.

This week was one of those times til a lad at work said that he uses a weighted blanket to help him with the pain from breaking his back some time ago. So if someone who broke their fucking back sears by it, it’s worth a try. Ordered a blanket, got it Friday afternoon and tried it Friday night, and all I can say is if you’ve got back pain or anxiety then a weighted blanket does the tried. Dear me, I don’t think I’ve been chilled this much for well, years.

There’s my tip for the week. Seriously trust me on this…

Trusting the police

As a bloke I’ve not had to think about taking a short cut through a dark park, or dodgy street with no lights, or in the wee hours of the morning. Sure, I had some close calls but I never had it as something which worried me til becoming disabled where I’m now more careful and the idea of being mugged or worse is not something which overtly worries me.

But I’m not female. I’ve not just seen one of my own sex raped and killed by a policeman because he could . It should make people realise that women are fighitng for their rights because once you start loosening up safeguarding and generally treating women as shite, then people can think they can get away with anything from rape threats through to death threats and then murder. But trust the police drools Boris Johnson, a man in no position to lecture anyone about how to treat women when he’s got a string of ruined relationships behind him. IT’s a few bad apples. Yes, the killer’s nickname at work was ‘The Rapist’ but it’s a laugh right! Lads eh!

The police have had a number of quesstion marks over their heads for decades. It was the subject of one of the best satirical sketches of all time.

The police need change and it needs to happen now, because of 51% of the population sees them as their potential rapist or killer then this country is even more fucked than anyone thought it was.

Giving Steve Ditko credit.

The family of Steve Ditko is pressing Disney to terminate the rights for Doctor Strange and Spider Man, both characters who are worth billions to Disney/Marvel. In return Marvel/Disney are fighting to ensure things stay with them, so the logical outcome will be it ends up like the Jack Kirby case where they came to an agreement with the family which is why Kirby now gets a very promenent credit on the Marvel film and TV series. Disney also have the original writers of Predator doing the same but at a more advanced phase.

Steve Ditko obituary | Comics and graphic novels | The Guardian

Of course Ditko’s heirs should be recompensed, and Ditko’s credit should be made more important, and of course Disney will fight to keep every last penny they can. What shouldn’t be depressing in all of this are fans leaping to the defence of Disney/Marvel, both companies which have refused creators payment and credit for nearly a century and partially got away with it because fans put ‘product’ ahead of people or art. Even the thought the Ditko estate might deny ‘fans’ their fix has sent people into a feral rage.

Spider-Man will continue at Marvel, hopefully with the Ditko family a bit better off and Steve Ditko gets a better credit for his co-creation, and as for Doctor Strange, well, that one was pure Ditko so hopefully that gets more publicity than it does now. In the meantime ‘fans’ will shill for billion dollar industries who see them purely as breathing cash machines…

Cancelling Janey Godley

Janey Godley’s cancellation for some pretty vile racist Tweets does not come as a massive shock. She made her name through edgy humour, and although over the last few years she’s tried pandering to her new more middle-class audience, not to mention figures high in the Scottish government but you can’t be a mate of government and an edgy comic at the same time. It was clear that Godley was trying to reshape herself by quoting things she clearly didn’t believe but would see her in good stead with government, but you can’t hide from your past online and that came back to hurt her.

Yet this isn’t really her fault. Whoever authorised her to be the face of a government campaign and paid her £12k (which somewhat takes the piss out of anyone’s progressive credentials to cash in on the public purse during a pandemic)should have been soundly bollocked but I doubt they will.

And I also dismay of the feral packs who hounded her to cancellation, even though she’d indulge in the same herself sometimes with people who were not abusive Rangers fans, but political opponents to the SNP for I assume, a few brownie points. Here’s the thing about cancellation; these packs will turn on anyone and find anyone. I remember seeing one Tweet when Lindsay Ellis was cancelled that said ‘they didn’t care’ about the facts but that they’d now got the chance to go after someone and effectively try to destroy their life. Which is the problem with cancellation; it never stops. One day you’re the head of the pack and the next the pack is savaging you.

Godley’s mistake was to ignore this fact and because of that she’s suffered a public shaming which ultimately, is the entire point of this thing. It’s medieval, cruel and needless, and unless we find ways to curtail it we’re all fucked.