This will be the second post on this blog but if you go back and read the first one all is explained so moving on…

I used to blog all the time plus I used to keep diaries not to mention a dig around some boxes over Easter threw up some letters from friends, ex-girlfriends and various people that finally prompted me to get all this underway again but this time sticking to a few themes.

So these are;

  • Comics-In some shape or form I was making money and a living (or supplementing a living) from comics from the age of 16 to 41, though from around 34 or so it was increasingly less of a moneymaker for me but this means I was effectively active in the British comics industry from 1983 to 2008 in some way, but it’s really the period from 1983-2000 that I’m going to focus on. However there is a prologue to all this which will cover the early years which is needed to give a greater context.That might well be the next post…..
  • Music-As John Miles once said ‘Music was my first love’, which is partly true. In reality it was comics but music came second in my life as I moved from The Wombles and the 1974 Scottish World Cup song to David Bowie and Mott the Hoople before finding Punk, Post-Punk and then further down the line, Reggae, Rave and dance music.
  • Glastonbury Festival. I fell in love with the festival after reading an issue of NME in 1986, but it took me another six years to get there as being a working class lad in Glasgow in 1986 meant not having money for anything which wasn’t comics, music or beer. The problem is there’s a load of bollocks written about the festival in the 90’s and I’ve been meaning to arrogantly put that right, but being shiny and nostalgic with this Technicolor glow you remember things that were good if not great from your past.
  • Politics-I’m from Glasgow with a Red Clydeside background. This is important as it’s a thread that runs through everything. 

Everything else-So sex, violence and rock n’ roll basically. There’s a lot of wee stories that few people know or that nobody knows about myself and it’ll be  good, interesting, scary and weird dishing them out for the world to see. It’s going to be like Trainspotting but with more Irn Bru and square sausage sarnies as I flit around the country having crazy adventures in a green van with my dog, and my weird socially awkward friends.

Oh, that was Scooby Doo…..oh well…

So these things won’t be daily as there’s a lot of stuff to go through and in a few cases names will be changed to protect the guilty/innocent but the next one is going to be up in the next few days and I think we’ll start with a potted history of how bloody hard it was to buy American comics in Glasgow in the 70’s…..

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