St. George’s Day


I was going to post something different tonight, but all I’ve seen all day is people posting pictures of the St’ George’s Cross on their Facebook page with some half-witted line about how ‘if you don’t like our flag go back where you came from” and in some cases from people who really should know better.

Listen, I’ll tell you a secret as a Scot living in England: the English are perfectly fine to wave their flag, reclaim it from racists and turn it into a positive symbol for what England is which is a wonderfully diverse country of people and opinion, rather than this sneery and depressing ‘yeah, this is my flag!! FUCK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!!!!”

Muslims, Scots, Welsh, Irish, Pakistanis, Indians, and all the hundreds of different nationalities living across England don’t mind St. George’s Day. Really, we don’t. Yes, the St. George’s Cross still has ties with racism but the English got their flag back after a wonderful display at Euro 96 where it was torn from the likes of the BNP and put back in the hands of the people. For a while, the English got it and they got the power of uniting behind a symbol of a proud and diverse country. Then this ‘you don’t like it, FUCK OFFFFFFFFFFFF” nonsense appeared thanks to wanky articles in the Daily Mail, and the likes of the BNP and UKIP spreading lies.

Though this isn’t to say some people aren’t scared of the flag, but if you’re a first or second generation British-Asian and you remember some thug using it as a symbol of hate then it’s not their fault which is why it needs to be fully reclaimed, and why this ”like it or go home’ stuff just adds to the stigma that’s been created by the far right, politicians, the media and utter fuckwads. I’m also annoyed by the ‘oh, St’ George’s Day is soooooo racist but I don’t care” from pseudo left wing types as if apathy is going to make England a better place.

So I’m glad to see more people going out for St. George’s Day. I’m glad to see the English wear the flag with pride and not use it as a symbol to punish others. I’m glad to see anything that makes England a better and warmer place because I do believe the country is a fantastic one. It’s just got one wanker far too many wanting to make anything positive about it into a weapon for racists and bigots, so please sort it out.

Have a beer tonight and enjoy it, and can you make it a Bank Holiday as well?

Next time, it’s the history of Glasgow’s comic shops, which will lead into the full gory story of Glasgow’s Great Comic Shop Wars. It’s not going to be pretty……..

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