The British Public Are Ignorant Racist Scum

Well, they’re not, but sadly a large amount are after the violent and needless murder of a solider on Wednesday. It’s as if all the bile, hatred, fear and ignorance has come shitting out of the arse of the country in the wake of last Wednesday as people  decide that thinking is too hard for them and finding the basest, most ignorantly violent response is the best one.

Considering that nobody seems to be asking why a pair of Londoners would be so radicalised that he hacks someone to death in the street in front of hundreds of people and them calmly waits to be shot by the police after spouting Islamist bollocks to the cameraphones of anyone willing to give him a mouthpiece which is then used by all sides to back up whatever spurious argument they’re pushing.

The fact is the EDL and the BNP will use this for all the mileage they can. So will the major political parties, and of course UKIP will hover like the vile fucking vultures they are picking off the bones of everyone. People aren’t going to let the EDL take over their streets and let our towns and cities become battlegrounds as the EDL want them to be but the problem is that the EDL support will be of the silent type. It’ll be the people standing back letting the EDL tear things up and use the murder of Lee Rigby to make things worse for everyone, not just the Muslims they’re targeting in a series of violent attacks.

Perhaps if government and the police hadn’t rushed to call this ‘terrorism’ we wouldn’t be seeing this reaction, but I doubt it. The barbarity of the attack was such that it was always going to provoke these reactions but the demon is out the bottle and there’s no sign that the thing is going back in.

So expect to see those people you least expect showing themselves to be racist pricks. Doesn’t mean you can tolerate it, so tell them what they are. Don’t sit back and let these people get away with trying to start a race war.Don’t let them pull the ‘but it’s a free country’ line when really, they don’t really want it to be a free country for them as that would be bad.

It’s a mess and it won’t be unraveled by sitting back doing nothing.It’s time to stop tolerating the likes of the EDL and all the other radical extremists who want to make capital from this. Call them all out and stand up to their supporters. That might help bring back a level of sanity.

2 thoughts on “The British Public Are Ignorant Racist Scum

  1. Here here, Today i read comments on daily mail where the majority “White” readers sympathise with a British KKK Member who lynched a golliwog! just goes to shwo most white europeans have not evolved much since the slave trade! dotn trust them! they hav built this white world off the backs of non whites and its time we put them below us and not even equality is allowed for them as they will abuse it.


  2. No, Fuck That. Equality is there for everyone. Replacing inequality with another inequality and worse, calling for it, throws you in the same fucking cesspool as the cunts who killed Rigby.


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