Stop the Bus….

I’m busy sending out C.V’s, applying for jobs and generally hoping that the Cunning Plan comes to fruition so what I was planning to stick up tonight hasn’t happened, and probably won’t as I’m working on a largish story about Glastonbury 1997, and a tale of the Glasgow Comic Art Convention which will include the story behind this picture………



Of course I might get distracted by whatever stupidity the EDL decides to pull, or whatever idiocy the news decides to annoy me with. The news generally is angering me to a level where I’m getting so annoyed with this country and a large number of it’s people that I really do think that nuking the entire country from orbit is the only way forward.

Then I read little things like a Mosque in York giving EDL members tea and biscuits and I feel better, and to make things even better YouTube decides to throw me Chic in my recommendations which is a thing of glory.

So yes, it might be crap but good things can still happen.

2 thoughts on “Stop the Bus….

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