Funky Shit-The Prodigy at their peak.

While T in the Park enjoys the sheer excitement of Mumford and Sons, The Script and other coma inducing bands, I stumbled across this Prodigy set from the Phoenix Festival in 1996 while doing some research into this blog.

It’s an amazing set. The theatrical display formed the core of their gigs for the next two or three years, but this is when the band moved from a very good rave group to something new so it’s like watching a butterfly being born, but in this case the butterfly is spitting and snarling at you.

It really is one of the most powerful gigs you’ll see at a festival as the energy between band and audience is amazing, though I’ve got to point out that they weren’t headlining that night as they were on just before David Bowie which gave him a hard act to follow.

Really though, watch the set on headphones with the volume turned up to 11. It’s a bloody amazing hour you’ll wish you’d discovered sooner.

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