Ask Tommy Robinson-More Fun and Japes From The EDL

Yesterday Stephen Lennon AKA ”Tommy Robinson”, the leader of the EDL decided to have a Q & A session on Twitter using the hashtag #asktommyrobinson where I’m sure Lennon thought he’d have a fun day talking about being a violent thug with other like-minded violent thugs.

Sadly for Lennon it ended up being an excuse for the British people to show what they think of fascists. Fortunately for the rest of us it proved wonderfully hilarious, cathartic and just downright enlightening and early in the day some of the best Tweets were gathered here for people to read but seeing as I was spending yesterday suffering from food poisoning (I won’t bore you with the gory details) I decided to dive in.

And great fun it was too and exposing EDL members for what they are was worth every moment.


If you can move past an EDL supporter throwing around rape casually, note how Lennon claims he trained as an aeronautical engineer. I asked him where he trained, as did many, many others but all we got were his drones firing back with responses like this.


One of my other favourite exchanges was with this delightful chap who seems to feel a bit intimidated by my line of questioning..


When all else fails simply pointing out the obvious is more than enough..


Then there’s the ones thinking they’re being all so smart until the veneer slips and their agenda comes out for all to see even though they later try to move the goalposts..


Then there’s the American racists…..


Now all this was fun and it really is a hugely enjoyable thing to wind up racists and bigots online as sooner or later they’ll crack and show what they’re really like, especially when confronted by thousands upon thousands of people hammering them and their opinions on Twitter.

The point is that people are now aware of Lennon proposing a 15 year old girl online, or his recent charge of mortgage fraud, or his charges for passport fraud, or the nasty way his and his EDL drones (including female EDL drones) throw rape around as a threat not only to scare people about Muslims, but to threaten women in general.

The point in all this is that Lennon’s hope that he fielded some soft questions was battered aside by the wave after wave after wave (it’s around midday on Sunday the 28th of July as I write this the #asktommyrobinson hashtag is still trending over 24 hours later) of abuse, questions and general pisstaking from the great British public and it’s a great thing to see.

The more the EDL are exposed, mocked and questioned the better. The more their supporters are forced to answer questions as to why they support them or are violent misogynist wankers the better. The more light shone on the EDL’s cover up’s over their theft of charity money, or the cases of paedophiles in their ranks the better. The more people know just exactly what the EDL are, the better and for those EDL drones reading this that means you’re a bunch of racist, violent, sexually immature, misogynistic, homophobic, hypocritical morons and a waste of human flesh.

Just thought I’d make it clear….

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