Let’s talk Camera Obscura….

In my on and off series of songs I love you might be wondering ‘where’s your famous Glaswegian jingly jangly guitar pop you’ve went on about? and here’s finally the first example in all it’s jingly jangly glory. Yes it’s all a bit studenty, yes, it’s a bit Byres Road, yes it’s a bit too knowing, but it’s a perfect bit of pop music that sounds fantastic and it references a Lloyd Cole song so that elevates it even more.

It’s impossible not to be cheered up by the song and the video so enjoy…..

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk Camera Obscura….

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  2. One fine morning, in early 1990, a very cross looking Steven Pastel was stomping down Byres Rd. in one of those “I’m pissed off and I’m so jolly angry that I’m not getting out of anyone’s way AT ALL. If you’re in my way, you’re getting shouldered, alright?” type moods! Gosh!!! A real celebrity!


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