Would you like some Orange Juice?

People have asked ‘we liked some of that jingly jangly Glaswegian guitar pop from last time, but have you something that features Edwyn Collins walking round a tinfoil version of the Tardis?’

Well, here it is. Edwyn Collins doing one of the best pop songs of the 80’s in one of the worst but at the same time brilliant, videos of the era. In fact I think Collins is one of the UK’s best songwriters of the last 30 years but has been mainly so underappreciated for the vast majority of his career when lesser people have gathered praise for frankly writing shite.

I was lucky enough to meet Collins in the 80’s as he was walking down Woodlands Road in Glasgow past the comic shop I was hanging around in at the time. I managed to splutter out something like ‘I think you’re brilliant’ before hiding behind a copy of Daredevil. I met him again in the early 90’s when he played the Thekla in Bristol when he was popular as a solo artist for a while. Both times he was charming and didn’t laugh at me for being a spluttering fool telling him he was brilliant…..

Anyhow, enjoy the tinfoil Tardis…

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