Twitter Boycotts Won’t Work

Tomorrow there’s to be a one-day boycott of Twitter organised by Caitlin Moran after the rape threats dished out at women on the social network . All you need to do is post the hashtags #trolliday & #twittersilence and stay off Twitter.

Anyone spot the problem with this, or how it makes a very serious problem & the fight against it something people will criticise because this campaign is frankly inane and will only be done by those who smugly think this is is going to stop the sort of abuse we’ve seen. It won’t and all it’ll do is make a few middle class users feel like they’re doing something while this abuse carries on and on.

It’s the same sort of futile protest that saw Manchester Utd fans turn up at their games waving Norwich City scarves to protest the ownership of their club.


It’s self-defeating and in this case, hugely pointless. It won’t add to the debate. It won’t stop abuse. It will however give a lot of people a smug feeling of superiority that they’re doing ‘something’ as opposed to waving their Norwich City scarves in the faces of trolls who will carry on abusing throughout this boycott because you can give in to people who want to silence you by silencing yourself.

3 thoughts on “Twitter Boycotts Won’t Work

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