Ben Affleck is Batman

It’s been announced today that Ben Affleck is to play Batman in the Man of Steel sequel. This has made fans get their knickers royally in a twist and throw the sort of sad, pitiful sense of entitlement I’ve spoken about previously.

I’m not bothered about Affleck appearing in a sequel to a film I thought was awful, but was made in order to cling onto the rights of Superman, but we don’t see the level of outrage when the likes of DC or Marvel infringe creator’s rights or treat creativity as a side-effect of making money for shareholders, or even cling onto the world’s cultural history rather than let it escape into the open as it should do.

The problem with yet another example of fandom throwing a strop isn’t that Affleck is a bad actor (he isn’t), or that him playing Batman is a bad idea (it isn’t really), but that fans think that he’s going to make a Man of Steel sequel rubbish, when it’s clear that the makers of the film will be capable of doing that all by themselves without Affleck’s help. However the more studios pander to fans the more they build up their inflated sense of importance, not to mention that horrible sense of entitlement that annoys the fuckity out of me.

It’s not really that Affleck has been cast that’s annoying people. It’s just that he’s not what they wanted in their own vision of Batman. All other considerations are academic.That’s simply bloody childish, which is of course, how many fans are these days.

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