Have the Police Caught Up with the Daily Bale?

In the last few hours there’s been some activity, or actually, lack of activity from the Daily Bale’s blog and Twitter feed. The person behind it, Joshua Bonehill, is suggesting there’s been a ‘buy out’ of his blog and it’s under new management because it wasn’t him guv, honest.


The ”SB” is supposed to stand for Sophia Baldacci, but that Twitter feed is now closed,


Judging by the lack of activity from Bonehill, I’d say they’ve had the police and the relevant authorities in touch and they’ve tried this desperate line in order to try to slide out of the shitstorm which has been brewing for them over the last weeks.

Good. They haven’t a leg to stand on legally and I expect a lot of people are much, much happier knowing that this fascist mouthpiece is quiet.

5 thoughts on “Have the Police Caught Up with the Daily Bale?

  1. That DailyBale thing was getting out of hand very quickly and innocent people would eventually have got hurt because of all those fake stories they were producing. Glad that has stopped.


  2. The Daily Bale Twitter account was changed to @Patriot_Eagle, and then the Sophia Baldacci sock puppet account was changed to @DailyBale.

    On his @JBPaine Twitter account, Joshua Bonehill claimed that he had been in New York for over a week, though the picture he posted claiming to be from the deck of the Queen Mary 2 was later discovered to be one of Cunard’s own pictures.


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