Scritti Politt’s American/Welsh pop rap…..


I’ve always liked Scritti Polliti since hearing the still utterly sublime Asylums in Jerusalem in the early 80’s, and it was a tough choice whether to feature that song rather than this more recent collaboration with Mos Def.

I picked this one because at a time when the majority of acts who appeared during the 80’s either rested on their laurels, or if they’re still around then they’ve spent the last decade at least milking the nostalgia circuit for all they can. Scritti Pollitti, or Green Gartside, the man behind the band, hasn’t when he could easily tour that circuit knocking out Wood Beez for a horde of 40-somethings like me who would probably love it.

Rather than do that he’s showed he’s still trying different things. For that he should be applauded so that’s why Tinseltown to the Boogietown won, though if Gartside ever does fancy playing a few festival gigs in 2014 I’d love it….

2 thoughts on “Scritti Politt’s American/Welsh pop rap…..

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