The Pitiful Return of the Daily Bale

A week or so ago it looked as if Joshua Bonehill had finally closed down the Daily Bale and his lies had stopped. His victims had started legal action, and even the EDL, UKIP and others from the far right had washed their hands of Bonehill, and the Daily Bale.

Sadly they’re back.

Though they are still pretending there’s been no legal action and have a ‘team’ when in fact they just list a load of aliases.

Why is the Daily Bale currently on hiatus?

We’ve unpublished the Facebook page and have changed our twitter account in order to calm things down after the storm, there has been much fighting, accusations and hate thrown at us for exposing some of these vile people and we still stick with what we believe. The British Patriot Society for instance posted out a message on their facebook page telling people to report us. It’s no coincidence that one of the Manager admins of the British Patriot’s society is friends with Left-Wing spy and infiltrator Maggie Chapman. Did Maggie whisper into Sara’s ear and tell her to make that post? We’ll probably never know.

Either way, it’s sensible for the time to remain on this hiatus whilst we resupply and rearm the Daily Bale team to prepare for Phase III which is coming very soon.

Phase III?

Yes, the Daily Bale has been around for 3 different incarnations run by several different teams. At first we were based on Facebook and our pages kept getting reported by Left-Wing scum and subsequently taken down which is why we moved to wordpress for Phase II. Now having solidly cemented ourselves on this wordpress blog, we are ready to attack at any given moment.

The Team currently stands as:

Terrance Barlington

Sophia Baldacci

Steven Sodholmy 

Theodore Pimpleton

Gary Raytes

Ajax Somerton

Steven Giles

Edward Clarry


We know for example that ”Theodore Pimpleton” is a fake name used by Bonehill, as are most of the others. As for this…

Further to much speculation that somebody from the Daily Bale may have been arrested or taken to court from previous articles, this is clearly false and again is more propaganda created by the Left-Wing. The police are not even investigating us and we’ve been in touch with them to smooth everything over.


Doesn’t match up with anything like the truth. At last count the Globe pub in Leicester, their owners Everards and the Leicester Mercury were either taking, or considering legal action. The idea of the police dismissing the sort of libel Bonehill has been putting out in ludicrous.


Nikki Pilkingson, the woman who stole from lee Rigby’s grave also hit back at us this week and denied claims that she had in fact stolen the items. We don’t understand why people would believe her as the police have already arrested this vile and problematic woman. 


Is a lie. Pilkington has not been arrested. This is actually continuing their libel.

The whole idea that there’s been some shake up of management, and that they’ve tidied things up with the police is fantasy as is their last paragraph..

Please remember that the Daily Bale is always here to stay, whilst we may currently be on hiatus we will be back, bigger and stronger than ever and ready to face off any political perverts who come to attack us. Most of us have been fighting Left-Wing Extremism for the past 25 years in Manchester, we’re not weak in the knees.


I’m willing to bet that what’s happened is that Bonehill’s had contact from the authorities, decided to lie low for a while and is trying to be as subtle as a delusional fascist can be. Bonehill is still editing people’s replies and posting their IP address which is something he’s been reported for doing, and has just been reported for again.

Reading the comments did lead me to look at Middleton Strong’s Facebook page and one post there stands out.



Unfortunately Bonehill continues to libel people and appears not to care, but he’s dug himself a very, very large hole that’s now impossible for him to get out of but he’s intent to go down fighting, and of course, running away with a charity’s money.

7 thoughts on “The Pitiful Return of the Daily Bale

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  2. good article, hopefully these vile scum will be forced to closedown The Bale & forced off the internet for good


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