The Daily Bale is being investigated for their latest hoax

I blogged yesterday that the Daily Bale has returned after a week or so to carry on their hateful campaign of libel under the pretense of ‘new owners’ when in fact, it’s still clearly Joshua Bonehill  running the thing.

Yesterday they posted this story about a baby being beaten up by an ‘Asian yob’ in Teesside. It’s a complete and utter hoax that’s now under investigation by Cleveland Police, and has been discredited even by EDL, UKIP and others on the far-right as being a lie.

This however does mean yet another legal investigation into Bonehill. These investigations are mounting up and if they’ve got any sense then they’ll close Bonehill down as soon as possible.


Bonehill,  or one of his decreasing circle of friends have just done this.




The posts have been reported.

9 thoughts on “The Daily Bale is being investigated for their latest hoax

  1. Their FB page has been taken down again. I’m not surprised, their postings were getting more and more abusive and libellous


  2. Bonehill or Wood take the page down frequently to pretend they’re being dealt with by FB, but I’ve complained three times to FB about getting their page taken down and each time I’ve had no joy.

    However it looks as if they’re on their last legs and have pissed off far too many people as there’s now a queue outside of Yeovil of people wanting to see Bonehill. Especially after it came out about the charity money he stole.


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