A quick Daily Bale update

This is just a very quick word about the Daily Bale in the week or so since there was any activity from  Joshua Bonehill.

There’s been nothing from him in a week, no Twitter activity. No activity on their blog. No Facebook activity as far as I can see, however there is some interesting information on this Facebook page which seems to show a conversation with Bonehill where he suggests the money he stole from the Lee Rigby charity was his for frankly amazingly obtuse reasons.


Also, one of their last conversations on Twitter was with a member of the Orange Order, so we have the simply hilarious sight of bigots attacking bigots. One hopes they wipe each other out, but until they do I assume the Daily Bale is quiet because the police, or the EDL, or one of those they libelled have caught up with them  Bonehill is having to try to get out of the mess he created.

4 thoughts on “A quick Daily Bale update

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