Big Audio Dynamite

Big Audio Dynamite (BAD) was Mick Jones’s big project after leaving The Clash. This is E=MC2, the single which brought them to most people’s attention and even nearly 30 years later it’s an electric single which is a tribute to Nicolas Roeg, one of the finest directors of the last 50 years.

Roeg made a load of my top 20 films including Don’t Look Now, Performance and the sublime The Man Who Fell To Earth. This song references all of these films, and in case you haven’t heard the song or seen the films then be warned the song contains whopping great spoilers for these films, especially Don’t Look Now, so be warned.

I loved BAD. They were probably four or five years ahead of their time as the likes of the KLF borrowed some of their schtick and many considered them to be ‘gimmicky’, but that that doesn’t stop the fact that BAD were fucking great, and E=MC2 is still one of the finest pop songs in tribute to one of the best directors of art films ever made.

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