Nigel Farage’s Hitler Moustache


Some ghost in the machine decided to make a point about UKIP, and it’s leader Nigel Farage.

There’s a lot that can be said about Farage and his party of misfits, bigots, mysoginsts and racists. There’s a lot to be said of senior members talking of women as ‘sluts’ , or of policies that spread myths about ‘health tourism’, or trying to make EDL/BNP stories of an ‘immigrant crime wave’ as a legitimate policy or the old chestnut that the lack of social housing is ll the fault of immigrants. I won’t even touch upon the lack of science in their policies, or indeed, any sort of rational thought.

If it’s not become obvious that UKIP are attracting racists, bigots and the fringe of humanity lurking within the EDL and BNP then their conference this week should have been an alarm bell for any voter going ‘oooh, they look sensible‘. It’s also perhaps time for the media to toughen up how they treat UKIP and drop the ‘crazy fringe’ angle, even though it’s true, as that plays into their martyr complex, which is something the far right love to play up in order to gather sympathy. Though it is mainly sympathy from idiots.

However if anything sums up the creeping menace that UKIP is, it’s this little electronic Godwinism.

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