Buy Fantomex #1 Or Suffer the Consequences..

This is a shameless plug, so pay attention to my shameless whoring. This week sees the release of Fantomex #1 from Marvel Comics.


It’s written by Andrew Hope, one of the former AKA Books and Comics crowd who became American after moving from the UK to escape a terrible crime that we must never speak of again.

He’s not a newcomer to comics. He drew Shadowmen, a Trident Comics title which was the company I worked for in the 80’s that we managed to get two whole issues out!



The last few boxes of Shadowmen are in Bournemouth and Bristol. So please, for my sake, buy Fantomex #1, make it a success so I can bang these comics up on Ebay and finally make a profit from them. You’d also be helping make Andy a success as he transforms fully into Marvel’s Andrew Hope.

So buy it from your independent comic shop. Buy six copies. Speculate. You know you want to!

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