The Daily Mail Is a Cancerous Sore

I was going to do something nice on the blog tonight but the whole business with the Daily Mail’s attack on Ed Millband’s father, Ralph Milliband has repulsed me, as has their defence of it. I’m not a Labour voter these days, and Ed Milliband is as much a socialist as I am George Clooney, but there’s a line and the Daily Mail leaps over the line, drops it’s trousers and shits all over it while blaming it on other people.

It’s an insult to refugees like Ralph Millband to be libelled this way. He fought for his adopted home against the Nazis and tried to help guide the UK out of the horrors of WW2 to a better world, a Land Fit for Heroes. He didn’t cheer on fascists like The Daily Mail did, or support Hitler like the Daily Mail did, or suggest that the UK would be a better place if we sided with the fascists as the Daily Mail did.

It’s owner, Lord Rothermere, was a friend of Hitler’s.

I can go on, but the Mail’s history with fascism is well known, but it’s always good to remind people that actually, the Daily Mail, it’s editor Paul Dacre, and it’s staff show nothing but contempt for the majority of people in this country.

The staff writer responsible for this particular lie, is one Geoffrey Levy. This is his sad looking Linkedin page. Here’s Levy being a misogynist prick in regards Nigella Lawson just to show hi variety. He’s the very definition of a Daily Mail hack & a travesty of a human being. His email address may be or

I suggest if those don’t work, writing to the Daily Mail. Make clear what you think. You see anyone reading the rag, call them for it. It’s time to let the Mail, Paul Dacre and all those buying the rag what it is, and what they are for supporting this fascist mouthpiece that treats the people of Britain with contempt.

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