Public Image

I was ten when Punk broke across the UK in 1977. I never really appreciated it at the time but thought God Save The Queen sounded fun, but I wasn’t really shaken out of my love for pop. It wasn’t til I listened to Public Image by Lydon’s subsequent band after the Sex Pistols, Public Image Ltd, that I got Punk, what it was about and how great an ideology it is beyond the cartoon image of Punk as mohawks, leather jackets, drinking cider and spitting.

So share with me again as I’m suddenly an 11 year old realising that David Bowie isn’t the be-all and end-all of music.

As a special bonus, here’s PiL doing the song at this year’s Glastonbury. It’s a great performance and finally getting to see PiL live after all these years was a wonderful occasion.


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