The Daily Bale Crawls On & On & On

Joshua Bonehill’s lovechild, The Daily Bale has returned in a spewing mess of lies, not to mention the hilarity of Bonehill offering Billy Bragg out for a fight.


So the Daily Bale has been back for a day or two and it’s libeled Billy Bragg, spread more racist lies, and has had more attacks at disabled people. There’s no depths to which Bonehill and his decreasing circle of friends seem able to sink to but although there’s still police action looming, that’s not going to stop them from dishing out threats like this.


That’s another impending police complaint if Wood carries this threat through of course. There’s also a new name to this, one Charlie Fournel who seems to be part of this weird group of fascist freaks.

Anyhow, everyone should know the routine by now. Protest their Facebook page, Their Twitter page and their blog.  Repost blogs such as this reply from Nikki Pilkington to the libel she suffered from them, or this about the abuse that caused the Globe pub in Leicester to close.

The only way to drown these people out is by telling the truth, and doing it in a manner that drowns out their insanity. So spread the word about the lies and let the truth be told.

11 thoughts on “The Daily Bale Crawls On & On & On

  1. They’ve just linked to my gravatar on facebook and twitter looking for information on me. They’ll have another police investigation against them if they try anything. It’s quite funny though… I only posted one thing about them when the whole Leicester Globe and Leicester Mercury thing blew up!


  2. They like to threaten people like that, and if they do manage to get personal details then it’s the same treatment Nikki Pilkington got. So yes, take screenshots, etc and keep them handy should they act. The police can use them as evidence.


  3. Will do. I’ve seen what they’ve done to some of their targets. It really is silly, childish behaviour.


  4. quite agree with you Becki, blaming everybody that’s against them a pedophile and pervert and don’t get me started on their hatred of disabled people, as someone who has a mild learning disability I don’t like how their portraying Down’s Syndrome 😦


  5. I work with special needs children. I’m pretty annoyed at their vendetta against those with ‘difficulties’. They need to get a back bone and stop hiding behind a website. It’s silly.


  6. True, if they did a bit of research they’d see the truth but we all know they won’t and just use these stories for their own sick ends


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