The Daily Bale Has Ceased To Be

After a few days where the Daily Bale again pushed their luck, it seems that Joshua Bonehill has decided to withdraw from publishing lies or accusing people of being paedophiles. There’s even the sight of Bonehill using Wood’s name to hide behind.


Of course anyone following the Daily Bale articles on this blog will know that deleting Tweets is academic when there’s screenshots showing that Bonehill is in fact, a violent, racist thug.


Of course this just smacks of hiding from the police investigation in the light of the race-bating hoax they circulated yesterday about a ”missing girl’ called Amy Hamilton, who didn’t exist. After the Croydon Advertiser ran the story that this was a hoax, the Daily Bale decided to attack Rachel Millard, a journalist on the paper. The Daily Bale have deleted the hoax, but I believe the withdrawal from spreading lies is down to this one last (hopefully) hoax.

3 thoughts on “The Daily Bale Has Ceased To Be

  1. …Er, “Workers”. Blasted keyboard. Still, unlike them, at least I know that “workers” doesn’t have an apostrophe.


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