Will the real John Lewis stand up?

It’s Christmas which means that all the big companies crank up their marketing for the next seven weeks or so with a series of television adverts which seem to get more and more extravagant every single year. This year John Lewis has an advert which is designed to make people spend money with them by making them all cheery and cosy, which is of course, the point of these annual campaigns.

This time round though there’s the added sight of journalists and people falling over themselves to proclaim the John Lewis ad a success, and it is indeed a well made perfectly done bit of sentimentality. One way people are doing this is Tweeting at @johnlewis, however this means that some poor bloke in the US is having his Twitter feed bombarded by well meaning people and incredibly dim hacks who haven’t done the five seconds of research needed to find out that the Twitter feed they should be posting on in @johnlewisretail


It’s worth heading over the the @johnlewis feed just to see how this poor bloke is dealing with people. It’s a wonderful lesson in how to interact with people in the 21st century.

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