What I thought of Fantomex #3

Thoughts about #1 and #2.


First off let me start by saying this is the best issue of the series so far. The development of writer and artist is nice to see, and a lot of the problems with the first issue are gone, but a lot of the problems lie with the fact that Fantomex is a bit of a crap character.

Anyhow, this issue opens with a conversation between artificial intelligences.


At the same time Fantomex is fighting the same bloody great sea monster he was fighting at the end of last issue, and this is wrapped up in a rather cracking double page spread you need to buy as I’m not sticking it up here to spoil it.

Meanwhile Agent Flemyng seems not to have been obviously raped as was the vague suggestion last issue, but rather beaten up, though the suggestion still lingers.



Now I’m glad there’s an ambiguity here as frankly the use of rape against female characters in mainstream superhero comics is an overused, and often sadly misguided plot device so I’m glad there’s a fudge here, and more crucially Flemying clearly isn’t a victim here.

Anyhow, this reveal prompts a shameless parody of the origin of The Champions, which includes one great line which is a bit of an in-joke between myself and Andy Hope….



There’s also another Jimmy Savile line, a few twists and a cliffhanger for the last issue that I won’t ruin. All I’ll say is that after an average at best start to the series, Hope and Crystal have pulled a fun pulpy big of action/adventure out of their hats. It’s not going to change the face of superhero comics, let alone the medium generally but when so many superhero comics are overblown examples of depressingly badly written grimness, it’s nice to see something self contained that’s at least a bit lighter.

So next issue if the last issue which means a big old overview of the entire series in gory detail….

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