Say NO To Strangers-The world of the Public Information Film

I’m now off work for Christmas which as an adult means sleeping, drinking and nostalgically playing Final Fantasy VII til the wee hours, but as a child this meant playing with my Peter Powell stunt kite and watching endless hours of TV. What this meant is watching lots and lots of public information films warning that everything was going to kill, abduct or rape you.

An example of this is Say NO To Strangers. This manages to mix high comedy with grim unrelenting horror.

Then there was the Texas Chain Saw Massacre of the public information film, Apaches.

Of course trusted public figures were at hand to ensure you felt safe….


Then there were these. These just made me want to stay indoors reading 2000AD. The country is going to KILL YOU!!

All of these films were meant to install a sense of caution but they instead just scared the shite out of me. They are brilliant on the whole, well, the ones that don’t have Jimmy Saville in them, and on the whole, their heart is in the right place. In America though, the public information film was something a lot more unpleasant.

This is just extraordinary, even 50 or so years later.


So as we all tuck into turkey, crap telly and try to put off going back to work for as long as possible,  think back to those days of being scared by these films……….

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