Michael Gove wants to rewrite history

This is the UK’s education secretary Michael Gove.

He’s one of those Scottish Tories who legged it from Scotland as he’d never get elected there, so got a nice safe Tory seat in England. He’s also a horrendous human being who if you saw on fire, you’d want to find lighter fluid on just to make sure the fucker burned. He’s been responsible for a series of frankly mental policies and comments since he was shat into office.

The latest is this astonishing piece about WW1 where Gove basically rewrites the history of the First World War from something that has been accepted for 90 odd years, and was shaped by many who fought in the bloody thing. Calling the Battle of the Somme:

Even the battle of the Somme, once considered the epitome of military futility, has now been analysed in depth by the military historian William Philpott and recast as a precursor of allied victory.

Except Gove avoids mentioning the controversy over Philpott’s views, or how it doesn’t match with any other historical viewpoint of the Somme, which was and is, a senseless massacre of human life. What repainting it as an ‘allied victory’ does is paint the sacrifice of life, especially working class men and boys, as something which is part of a greater good. That’s exceptionally dangerous revisionism as it means that any future or indeed, current government would consider a similar loss of life to be justified.

Gove’s idea that General Haig was a ‘patriotic leader’ or that the view the First World War was a pointless war where men were led by donkey’s was a ‘left wing’ view is ridiculous when the person who most cemented this view in the late 20th Century is Alan Clark in his excellent book, The Donkeys.

Blaming Blackadder for the fact WW1 was a slaughter is appalling. Rewriting WW1 as a proud moment for the British Empire is disgusting. Rewriting history so children get a revisionist’s view of history filtered through an Imperialists eye is wrong.

Write to your MP. Write to Gove and David Cameron. Make your opinion clear, and make it blunt that this man;s vile revisionism and glorification of slaughter is not to be tolerated. We cannot tolerate WW1 being made into something we celebrate.

I’d imagine Gove would never have said this to Harry Patch when he was alive.

1 thought on “Michael Gove wants to rewrite history

  1. Just read this article. I am disgusted! I read quite a lot of Richard J Evans during my undergrad. I have a lot of respect for him. For Gove *cough*tosser*cough* to attack him this way… Evans has been writing this history for 30/40 years. I’m fuming!


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