Joshua Bonehill of the Daily Bale speaks about his arrest

Joshua Bonehill has commented upon his arrest by the police in regards the Daily Bale’s blog libeling the Globe pub in Leicester.

It’s been over three months since my last post on this Facebook account, since having been using my private account and the fact that I had been restricted from using all aspects of social media by the police.

As some of you may be aware, in October and as reported by the leciester mercury I was arrested in relation to the offence of malicious communications, 1988. My home was raided and all equipment subsequently seized.

The offence which was in regards to a post made from right-wing news publication, ‘the daily bale’ is set to be put in front of the courts next month. An article originating from the daily bale website targeted the globe pub in leciester, claiming that it refused to serve forces personell.

Without going into detail about the case against me in current, for the past 3 months of my life I have been through complete and utter hell. My life was turned upside down and I didn’t exist as a person for the said period of time.

As many of you will know, I have been the centre of vile left wing attacks and rumours since my leadership of the peaceful movement, ‘stand strong uk’ which brought the nation together in a day of unity and peace in the aftermath of the death of lee rigby.

Having been attacked by the left-Wing by such evil conspirators such as nick lowles of hope not hate and the anti ukip group, ‘slatukip’, I was driven to the edge and had to deal with abuse as part of my day to day living.

The daily bale and my involvement with this news outlet was only to ever to defend myself and my reputation but unfortunately it has ‘come back to bite me In the arse’.

I am sure the left wing media will be intent on making a spectacle out of my misfortunes with social media and only contribute to the lies, slander and politically correct garbage distributed by nick lowles and further drive my name into infamy as with the 2011 incident in which my name first hit tabloid newspapers.

The truth in all of this is that I am a right wing, working class man who only wants the best for his country. Somehow I have found myself caught up in many a scandal and political misfortune including the scandal in which my former friend mr. A wood was caught on giving a nazi salute whilst standing as a candidate with ukip.

I am sick and tired of political correctness and blatant left-wing brainwashing which is being distributed by newspapers such as the mirror and the guardian and then forced upon us by Internet groups such as hope not hate and and still laughing at ukip.

My country is my heart and I know that I am a patriot and would defend this great nation with all the passion and allegiance I can give.

I understand there is a lot of negative feeling in the left wing spectrum towards me and I am truly sorry for the innocent people that have been caught up in this political war and regret that my words have caused damage to businesses, reputations and livelyhoods.

Joshua Bonehill loves his country and know that whatever my actions were and however they may appear, they were only done in the interests of the British people.

I will not comment any more on my legal case until it is over with in February, all press inquiries can be directed towards me but I ask for privacy from the savage tactics of the daily mirror and left wing journalists.

For britannia.

Joshua Bonehill.

This is from his Facebook page here.

This is from his comments.


At this point may I remind the reader of exactly what the Daily Bale and the people behind it are accused of, especially in relation to the vicious libel the Globe pub in Leicester suffered,

The Daily Bale accused the Globe of not allowing servicemen into their pub. This is a lie designed to whip up hate against the pub and the majority of the customers of that pub. They also accused the editor of the Leicester Mercury of being a paedophile, and use the same ‘Hail Britannia’ sign-off Bonehill does here on his own personal Facebook page. You don’t throw around a phrase like ‘hail Britannia’ lightly, especially when it’s clearly so insanely ludicrous and based upon watching that awful film version of V for Vendetta that essentially all your defence is, is actually pandering to bigotry and paranoia.

Here’s the other blogs I’ve written about the Daily Bale, and those rumoured to be behind it.

Josuha Bonehill is still not in prison.

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Which brings us to here. Bonehill was suspected of being arrested, he’s now confirmed that. I must draw readers attention to the lengthy conversation between myself, Maggie Chapman and Alex Wood which is in the comments of the last blog in the list above. Wood asked for me to communicate with him privately, but to hell with that. All my conversations with these people are, and will be in the open. Nothing has been edited in that blog, so read Wood’s words as he distances himself from Bonehill.

I fully believe in a fair trial. Those behind the Daily Bale deserve that, which is more of a courtesy than they gave to their victims. Until then I leave the truth to come out and those behind the Bale to get exactly what they deserve….

24 thoughts on “Joshua Bonehill of the Daily Bale speaks about his arrest

  1. I distanced myself from Josh weeks before he apparently came up with bale. With all of the ludicrous nonsense that have been made in my name on social media, it should be as plain as day that I was on his ‘hit list’. People speculated that I may have been involved simply because I USED to be friends with him. Josh obviously played on that and realized he could potentially do me real damage this way. I reported this to the police back in late October and I gave them a statement regarding it.

    You can’t keep throwing accusations like this around, it is libel. You have no evidence to back up your claims and dodgy screenshots will not suffice as a justification for your words in court. We can wait until Josh has been to court and the police findings become public knowledge, thus making it even more clear that I had no involvement. You can consider this an ultimatum. Once that has happened, you can correct all of your posts and apologize to me on here for being wrong. I will accept and that will be that. Alternatively I will be looking to seek legal advice, as well as lodging a formal complaint in writing to WordPress about your account. Sound fair?


  2. Glenn, I am confident to give you an ultimatum because I know I have not been involved. Once again, I have not been arrested, I am not being investigated and I am not due in court because I have had nothing to do with any of it. The police will have been investigating bale extensively, found the person(s) responsible and now they are due in court. If Joshua has accomplices, why have they not been arrested also? Logic really does escape you


  3. Oh and by the way, we have this principle in this country whereby a person is innocent until proven guilty. In other words, the burden of proof lies on the shoulders of the accuser, not the accused. You have not proved anything nor provided any evidence. I have read thoroughly through your blog posts and it appears that your justification for accusing me of these things is a collection of dodgy, badly cropped screenshots of social media accounts in my name. I have already stated countless times that I was subject to an impersonation attack. The conclusions you have come to are entirely speculative and judging by your attitude, based upon what you WANT the outcome to be, regardless of the reality of the situation. As well as that, you only have the word of highly questionable characters, that for whatever reason have an axe to grind.

    Conclusive proof comes in the form of IP logs linking to suspect accounts (undoubtably what led the police to the man responsible), subsequent forensics findings and the professional conclusions of the police. THAT is the caliber of evidence required for a prosecution and without having that yourself, you are treading on very thin ice legally speaking. Amateur bloggers make this mistake frequently. They don’t realize that owning a blog makes them a freelance journalist and therefore subject to the same rules.

    Please answer this one question. When facts are made public and it is clear I had no involvement, what do you intend to do? Are you going to continue with this or are you going to retract and apologize?


  4. There’s a few people panicking over this arrest.Josh is a loose cannon and won’t go down by himself.


  5. Alex, the investigation will bring up anyone helping Bonehill. Now you’re parrotting that ‘you had nothing to do with the Bale’ by providing an all too handy tale of how Bonehill and you split up just before he started the Bale, but I’m more than happy to do and say anything should you be proven innocent in a court of law in regards the Bale.

    As said, let’s hear what Bonehill says when he goes to trial,and oh, it may be the case that a follow on case is needed if Bonehill decides to drag people down with him.I’m guessing you know this.


  6. I don’t think that you understand the nature of how crimes of this nature are investigated. Presuming what Josh has said is true and he is facing court, that means he has been charged which also means the police will have been successful in their investigation. They will have picked apart all of the online accounts associated with bale, traced ip’s of all users, seized their IT equipment (laptops, phones etc) and examined those. The police will already know everything there is to know about who was behind bale, this is the great thing about computer forensics, criminals can’t run or hide. In other words, if I had been involved, I’d be in the same boat as the man who we now know was. I have no problem waiting until all of this is public for you to be certain, all I wanted was to make my position loud and to find some reassurance that you are not totally unreasonable.


  7. My position has always been that the scum behind the Bale are sent down. There is now a forthcoming case so I’m perfectly happy to see what the investigation and case brings.

    So as I keep saying, you’ve shown nothing yet. Let’s wait to see what happens.


  8. I think what people need to realise is that there are another 8 police forces , mine included, waiting to see the outcome before proceeding with their own cases.This is far from over………..Other people WILL be named and shamed and brought to justice.


  9. Actually Maggie, the IP and computer forensics findings will be absolute, the police will already know everybody who was involved and they will be in the same boat as Bonehill. If he does try to lie in court, it will be pretty obvious he is lying and he will be further charged. The fact that I gave a statement against bale and josh in regards to the attacks against me would also land me in the same situation if I had been involved. What you don’t seem to understand is that you accuse me of lying without realizing that my getting the police involved with things like this would cause serious problems for me if I was. I am not stupid, I have morals and I do not want to go to prison. So guess what? For those very reasons I DON’T do any of this sort of stuff. As for Bonehill, he’s a psychopath with nothing to loose. What difference would going to prison make to him anyway? He would be going from one tax payer funded lifestyle to another.


  10. I can confirm that Alex Wood had nothing to do with the Daily Bale at any point in time since its conception. The only person standing trial for the Daily Bale is Joshua Bonehill, to our knowledge; nobody else was arrested in regards to the daily bale and Mr. Bonehill is being tried with one count of malicious communications 1988. I think it’s about time that maggie chapman, Glenn and everybody else that accused innocent people such as Alex Wood who is a vunerable young man and suffers the unfortunate symptoms of aspergers syndrome and several other mental ailments should now apolagise to these people.

    Alex is clearly a vunerable young man after the attacks made on him by the daily mirror and then subsequently the lies that sky news made alleging that he was to become the next leader of the edl on live news. Is it not enough that this young man has a sabotaged political career and has face the daily effects of autism that plague his life and cause him nothing but misery?

    What about when glen decided to mention rebecca and the child that this young couple lost a few years ago. What was the purpose of this vile and nasty attack?

    Alex, your allegations about Bonehill being a psychopath are unfounded and completely against the clean bill of health given to Bonehill by the NHS. Whilst we acknowledge that Bonehill is a very intelligent man and knows what he is doing, the mental health cop out is not the card he will be playing in court because quite frankly there are no issues in that area.

    Will glen be at the court to take photos for his blog we wonder?


  11. Josh, I know it was you that was responsible for those social media accounts impersonating me, I think these guys do too. If the police have not caught up with you on it yet then they will soon. I can assure you that I don’t suffer with autism. What is with your sick obsession with disabled people? You are a sick, deluded loser with no life or friends, instead of trying to make something positive of your life as I tried to encourage you to do back when I thought you were my friend, you seem more interested in living off government handouts and instead of using your time to find a job, you terrorize people over the Internet behind fake profiles. You are a compulsive liar, a cheat, a thief and you have all of the makings of a born criminal with no chance of rehabilitation. You are a psychopath because you show absolutely no regret or remorse for your actions. I think I can speak for all present when I say that you deserve no less than the full whack of the law.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. The best thing you could do now is to get rid of your computer, never go on the Internet again, go to court and never look back. I know you blame everybody but yourself for your actions, I expect you will even continue with this. You are far too predictable. Go away and get a life Josh.


  13. No, I won’t be at the court. I know whoever wrote this would like that, but from what I understand Bonehill and anyone else helping him aren’t going to be in a situation to throw around threats, because that’s what you’re hinting isn’t it?

    The wisdom of commenting when there’s a forthcoming case and a series of legal investigations (the Globe one is simply the first up) isn’t wise is it?

    I’m also tired of the UKIP in-fighting, and the fantasy world postings from people who although may or may not be innocent of the charges in this instance, are hardly bastions of truth and honesty. Nor am I going to allow what I see as people with far-right views easy access to making comments.

    So from now on, comments on my blog are off. No existing comments are being deleted and they will remain for all to see.

    The police and the courts can deal with you lot.


  14. whether or not you used a different computer or not, you were pictured at the time drinking champagne or some kind of sparkling wine with Josh, posted on Facebook. Keep digging!


  15. It was cheap sparkling wine bought by me from tesco in june for Josh. It was on the day of the stand strong marches and at that point I thought he was doing a very noble thing for charity. I didn’t know of his true intent, nor did those who actually worked on his campaign. Again, this was somebody that at the time, I believed to be a friend.


  16. Glenn – no need to publish this one, its for your information.

    Looks like Bonehill has claimed to have donated an undisclosed sum to charity in the Globes name, which he probably hasn’t and in the comments somebody has pointed out his screenshot of a donation confirmation is fake. Might be worth looking into? It would be interesting to know how somebody that doesn’t work can afford to make ‘large donations’ to charity. He’s also written an ‘open apology’ to the globe. I think at this point the idiot believes that the charges against him might be dropped if he follows the suggestion of the leicster mercury made at the time.

    Meanwhile, Bonehill clearly has not given up on creating fake news stories, he is now attempting to sell his BS to newspapers. fake stories about me no less. I will keep you in the loop, if you want, when I know more.


  17. Glenn, I stumbled upon the twitter conversation between yourself, bonehill and others, I also learned that his court date is this coming Friday. I wouldn’t hold your breath about him going to prison for any length of time. Bonehill seems rather confident, is obviously back to his old habits and I suspect realizes that the biggest inconvenience from all of this to him will be a few hours of unpaid work. if it is true that they have ignored other cases that collectively would send him down, which they clearly have evidence and confessions for, I suggest anybody with a complaint against Mr Bonehill take up the issue with the IPCC.


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