The Guardian discovers ‘The Last Alan Moore interview?’

Today’s Guardian runs a piece about the recent ‘Last Alan Moore interview?’ that journalist Pádraig Ó Méalóid conducted with Moore in December. Now, the Guardian doesn’t actually add anything to the somewhat frantic, and often daft response to this interview that’s burst online over the last few weeks but it’s a fairer summary of the interview than most, though the lack of any mention of Moore’s comments in regards Grant Morrison, Laura Sneddon or the ‘Batman scholar’ is probably something to do with wanting to keep out of an argument and nothing to do with all three being Guardian contributors in some shape or form.

There’s also no mention of Moore’s apology over his comments regarding Gordon Brown, which were scarily close to Jeremy Clarkson’s comments about Brown.

Though these comments were the subject of a glorious routine by Stewart Lee.

It’s amazingly interesting to watch the reaction blossom out like some great fireball (which I’ve contributed to in my own small way here) that’s enveloping modern culture, but also how so many people reacting to this interview think Moore’s some sort of lunatic because he doesn’t want to be part of the machine in the same way other artists like say, Grant Morrison, clearly does. There’s an incredulity about Moore’s position in that he surely is in it for the publicity or the money?

Clearly he isn’t. This isn’t to say he’s not a comfortable man financially but he’s worked for it, but by refusing to play the usual game in our modern capitalist society where money and glamour mean more than knowledge or creativity he’s set himself outside most artists operating in popular culture. That annoys people brought up on a diet of Thatcherism, and are currently sucking the shiny plastic cock of Cameronism, and this makes me warm inside that Moore’s position fucks people off. It’s simply wonderful and it makes me glad people like Moore are around refusing to play the game.

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