My top 20 Comic Book films-3-Batman: The Movie

I did my top 20 horror and SF films last year, and found doing the lists to be more fun than expected, so in a massive bit of logic here’s my top 20 films adapted or inspired from comics. I need to point out I mean comics, not ‘superhero comics’ which is a lazy, and incorrect way to describe a wonderfully varied medium and it’d also cut out some bloody good films!

Previously, in this list at #20, X Men19The Crow18Heavy Metal, 17, Spider Man ,16The Avengers, 15Danger: Diabolik, 14The Dark Knight Trilogy , 13A History of Violence12Kick Ass , 11,Spider Man 2 , 10, Barbarella9, Batman Returns 8, X Men 2, 7, Dredd, 6Batman5Akira and 4, American Splendor.

Next on my list is just Pure West. It’s Batman: The Movie.



I’m assuming people reading this are wondering why this version of Batman I rate higher than the Burton or Nolan films and it’s simple. It’s fun. I challenge anyone, and I mean anyone not to sit through this film and be utterly and totally entertained. Yes, it’s utter nonsense but thanks to Adam West playing it utterly straight, the entire thing is a gleeful celebration of a children’s comics character that doesn’t pretend to be more important and serious than it is (Nolan’s films suffer from this) or are often a mess (Burton’s films suffer from this) or are just shite (Batman and Robin).

It also helps this particular Batman film was part of my childhood and always seemed to be on telly during the summer holidays along with the Peter Cushing Doctor Who films and public information films that would set out to make you shite yourself. So for a generation or two this was, and indeed, still is Batman with Adam West being the definitive Batman. No growly voice. No dodgy sexual kicks. No, just pure West….

Yes, it’s garish, silly, daft, and ridiculous. It’s supposed to be. Just enjoy it and love every minute of it…


Nest, the second film in this list with Scarlett Johansson…..

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