Joshua Bonehill’s case has been adjourned. Again.

If anyone hasn’t been following the horrible mess of the story of the Daily Bale, then it’s worth having a look here and working through the blogs I’ve written on this sorry mess.

On Friday the person behind it, Joshua Bonehill, had his case adjourned again after a first adjournment at the start of February. This time the case was adjourned at the request of the defence and prosecution to resume again on the 13th of March. The fact the prosecution have agreed to an adjournment may have something to do with the charge of malicious communication leveled against UKIP leader Nigel Farage but as Bonehill has admitted to me that he’s going to plead guilty then there may well be more evidence to put forward.

Bonehill hasn’t exactly been helping himself by carrying on the Daily Bale which is a level of stupid which is beyond belief. It’s also amusing to see Bonehill complain about people creating false profiles in his name or creating false identities, when considering what he’s admitted doing and is in court for, is frankly a staggering act of hypocrisy. His latest stunt seems to be the Twitter feed for Left4Change, which a quick look through smacks of Bonehill’s obsession with labeling people paedophiles, which again, may or may not be something which comes to haunt him again. Then again he’s using the same sort of slur he used against the Globe pub in Leicester against a pub called the Honeybucket in Melksham. Except no such pub exists. It’s all part of Bonehill’s extravagant fantasy which is dragging everyone in, including myself and people like Alex Wood, who I assumed was part of this sorry mess but is now clear that he’s as much as a victim as the many people Bonehill has accused of being paedophiles, or whatever passes through his twisted mind. I apologise to Wood for the distress caused.

Bonehill is by far the most extreme example of the racists and the bigots who have been, or are involved with UKIP, but when you have the leader openly spouting bigoted ignorant racist rhetoric, is it any wonder why this party are attracting these sort of people?

So the case resumes on the 13th of this month. For Bonehill it won’t be over as there’s civil cases to come after the criminal case. Hopefully this serves as an example to everyone about trusting what you read online, or how the far-right are using UKIP for cover, or that people like Bonehill don’t happen again. Sadly it won’t.

9 thoughts on “Joshua Bonehill’s case has been adjourned. Again.

  1. So it seems that bonehill has spent his job seekers allowance on some domain names and he has also set up another blog to post his rediculous, insane ramblings. ( I also have noticed that he has obviously sussed out that with the large volume of traffic going to his sites (although only to laugh at and investigate him) he can make a few quid off them with advertising. It might be a good idea to encourage people to limit their visits and to get them to report his sites to the advertising providers in the hope that they will shut down his accounts with them. Other than that, Roll on Thursday!


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