Joshua Bonehill is guilty.

Anyone who’s been following this story will know how dragged out this has been. today was his day in court for the cases of malicious communication against the Globe pub in Leicester, and against UKIP leader Nigel Farage. The charge against Farage was dropped, but Bonehill pleaded guilty for the attack upon The Globe and awaits sentencing on the 4th of April.

That would be it, but it seems that upon leaving court Bonehill was re-arrested and is being questioned for other alleged offences committed recently. Considering Bonehill has been keeping the Daily Bale running with a steady stream of lies and the same old rubbish he did before his first arrest, you have to think that either he thought he was untouchable or is genuinely mentally ill in a way to think that he was going to get away with what he’s been doing, and that’s borne out by this post which says there’s a ‘plot’ to kill him.

I hope this is getting near the end. Too many people have been hurt by Bonehill and they deserve to see Bonehill get his day in court but now he’s guilty I hope this means he might be a deterrent to people trying the same crap that Bonehill has done, but sadly I doubt it.

19 thoughts on “Joshua Bonehill is guilty.

  1. Funnily enough, when he was arrested today, there was someone on his fake FB pages , replying and being abusive.


  2. Bonehill has announced on twitter that the Daily Bale has been taken down, probably resulting from demands made by either court or the police. I was also surprised to hear him on the BBC Asian network being interviewed by a presenter who seemed to be particularly concerned by his ‘Amy Hamilton’ hoax. It was rather cringeworthy and he spouted the usual bollocks about “vile politically correct left wing perverted vermin”. What an idiot.



    Is like to draw attention to the second line from the bottom.

    Those that have been communicating with this man on social media have not exactly been helping the situation and it could play into his rediculous claim that he has been doing this because an online commmunity has been ‘bullying’ him. I have seen some of the dialogue between Bonehill and others such as Maggie and I fail to see what positive outcome can be found by further winding up someone like that when you already know how he will react. If he says something, ignore him. If you see him do anything unlawful, report it.



  4. And theres your patronising tone again.The officer dealing with his arrest over his libellous allegations over myself and my family, is happy with things ive written, so, therefore so am I.


  5. I’m sorry but I find it difficult to believe that the police or anyone else for that matter, would encourage you to communicate with somebody you have filled a complaint against. Furthermore, libel is a civil matter and therefore the police would not make an arrest over it. Do you mean malicious communications? There is no good which can come from giving Bomehill the time of day, so by responding to him and making retaliatory social media posts you are only exacerbating the situation. If you are serious about talking civil action against him, you might want to consider that by lowering yourself closer to his level and ‘fighting back’ with your keyboard, you stop being a victim and simply become a participant in an argument. I am not trying to patronize you, but I do however want to see a positive outcome in any case for those that have come under attack from this clown.


  6. It is essential to show restraint towards somebody like Bonehill, especially with ongoing criminal investigations/cases and subsequent civil ones. You have no idea how tempted I have been to confront him since October when I became fully aware of what was going on. The correct way to fight a criminal like him is by using the law, not by taking to keyboard vigilantism as you and your friends on the ‘bale out’ page have been, Maggie. It has been quite concerning to watch people make this mistake and then become victims themselves. This man is not well, The criminal justice system will make sure he gets all the ‘help’ he needs. Whilst commentary in blogs is fine, Posting things which suggest that he is going to be ‘raped in prison’ for instance could potentially delay or threaten the correct outcome. Not to mention the fact that it is incredibly immature.


  7. One, they are not my friends on BALE OUT and two, I have never called for him to be raped..


  8. And maybe, when you and his were so friendly at the beginning of all this, if you hadnt encouraged him, then he might have seen what he was doing was wrong.


  9. I was referring to the fact that you comment there frequently and they post a lot of material from you. I pointed out the fact that page has posted such things, I have not accused you of that, but I do feel that what they are doing on there is extremely counterproductive. am beginning to get fed up with you constantly attempting to pin Joshua’s actions on me. The ways in which I attempted to encourage him were positive, such as trying to persuade him to focus on getting a job by volunteering with a charity shop (which he ignored). I highly doubt that that there is any connection between my attempts to encourage him to do good and what he has been up to since having no contact with him. I have no problem in admitting that i made a mistake in trusting him as a friend, as did those that thought he meant well with Woolwich strong and rallied around that cause. Oddly enough he wasn’t openly nuts back then.


  10. Last time I posted on there was march 2nd,Hardly frequently.As for Bonehill not being mad last year maybe you were too close to notice what the rest of us noticed .


  11. You could well be right. In person josh came across to me as shy and reclusive, a bit of a shut-in but not at all unpleasant. I suppose deep down he obviously has some severe problems that only show if he has had a bit too much to drink, or some form of anonymity to hide behind. I had heard rumors that originated from people such as slatukip about him, but for the obvious reasons they held no credibility as far as I was concerned. I probably missed what he was up to online because again, for the obvious reasons I was avoiding use of the Internet and social media. When I did come face to face with ‘real josh’, that was that and I haven’t seen the guy since.


  12. Bonehill has had his court case adjourned AGAIN!

    It is really quite ridiculous how the CPS have been handling this to be honest. I phoned the witness and victim liaison service for Somerset a few weeks ago and asked why the Farage threat charge was withdrawn by the magistrates. The answer I got was a bit long winded and vague and I did not get a direct answer. Apparently, it is most likely that as both charges were in the same case, it would have made no difference in the outcome in terms of sentencing, so they dropped one to save having to have separate trials and therefore money, or something like that. I am guessing it might be because he did not enter a plea. All of these separate court dates for Joshua, separated by almost a month in each instance must be costing the taxpayer quite a bit by now. I understand the need to adjourn to get everything together, but surely this is beginning to take the piss?

    I have to be honest though, after all of the hype and excitement surrounding Bonehill’s court case, I doubt that whatever sentencing they do eventually give him, probably won’t amount to very much at all. I think those who are following this, or have been affected by Joshua’s crimes have got their hopes up a little too high on that one. Joshua clearly knows this which is why he is carrying on with his insane behaviour.


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  15. I’ve have stored various chat logs from MSN (now defunct) Where Bonehead and his so called mates were abusing me! In places i caught him out with his pathetic cut and paste attempts. On another occasion he was threatening to attack me! This was done in front of his social worker too.


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