The Daily Bale isn’t as dead as it should be

After Joshua Bonehill’s guilty verdict for his attacks upon the Globe pub in Leicester via the Daily Bale, the site was taken down. It’s now back up with a number of the articles which have got Bonehill a reputation as a liar, a racist and a generally sad individual who needs medical help.

Bonehill is clearly a delusional person. A racist, a bigot and as quoted in the BBC, a moron who has brought misery upon innocent people who does deserve what’s coming to him. He’s also someone who is clearly enjoying all this publicity even if it is bad so with that in mind I think people (and myself is included here) should stop giving him the oxygen of publicity. Let him be known for his crimes, not what he’s trying to do.

Hopefully he’ll grow up and seeing as he’s going to have time to think, one would hope he takes the time coming to him to reflect on how he’s fucked his life up. I doubt it though.

3 thoughts on “The Daily Bale isn’t as dead as it should be


    So after all of that, Bonehill was able to play the victim and as a result, only given a slap on the wrist. A huge ‘well done’ to idiots like chapman and whoever was behind the bale out page for goading him and making threats. I knew this would happen, I even stated so on this blog! You cannot get justice if you start playing the vigilante. i have no doubt that bonehill will continue, he now knows that the only thing he risks in doing this is having to spend an afternoon in court.

    If there is a next time that anyone witnesses joshua, or anybody else for that matter, committing a crime on the Internet they need to respond ONLY by reporting the incident to the police. Do NOT under any circumstance reply, confront, discuss, threaten or otherwise contact that individual. Let the police and courts handle it. Do not risk putting a spanner in the legal works by doing something which could threaten the integrity of the case.


  2. Before October his actions were centred around attacking literally anybody that had fallen on the wrong side of him. These were largely those that had been working to confront expose his various attempts of profiting from grief tourism. He has admitted numerous times on his sites and twitter that bale was a simply nothing more than a weapon which he had used for that purpose.

    One thing that Joshua knew from my own experiences is that the police are actually more or less impotent when it comes to catching somebody who anonymously breaks the law online. The best way to get the evidence is to examine the persons computer. He thought he was unstoppable as long as he didn’t admit it or do anything in his own name, regardless of the volume of complaints, there wouldn’t be enough for them to arrest him. Joshua’s slip up was going around pretending to be me and threatening to shoot people in the head and claiming that I was the next edl leader etc. shortly after I made my statement to the police he was raided, arrested, charged and you know the rest!

    Everything that joshua did after that seems to have been deliberately directed towards drawing people in to tit for tat arguments with him by doing and saying things which are legal but highly immoral. Some very nasty things have been said about josh by certain people and they have goaded him. These people are the only reason he got off lightly and isn’t sitting in a cell. If they had just done as I had been doing, kept quiet, documented what he was doing and passed it to the police, the outcome would be very different and fewer people hurt.

    I do not believe that Joshua Bonehill is far right, a racist or even politically minded. He has wanted to appear as such in order to fuel his silly games. joshua is nothing other than a criminal thug who would rather waste his life in this way than earning an honest living.

    Joshua, i have no doubt that you will read this. If you have any sense at all you will stop this now, stay away from the Internet and go out and find a charity shop to volunteer with. Believe me, no matter what you have done I’m the past, a load of good, genuine references from charities would overshadow any criminal record. You now have a golden opportunity to turn your life around. You can’t invent yourself into some high position, you need to earn it by starting at the bottom. Please josh, don’t waste your life any more than you already have.


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