What I thought of The Auteur #2


I was exceptionally impressed with The Auteur #1 but I was prepared to be disappointed in issue 2 because American comics tends to do that these days, but I’m glad to say I’m not. In fact I’m going to say it’s better than the first issue, though some of the slapstick humour is missing it plays up more of the dark humour which is hilarious and shocking t the same time.

In fact Rick Spears tale of film producer Nathan T.Rex reminds me of the best of Chris Morris, and especially Jam. The Auteur shares that same slightly fucked up feeling of many of the sketches in Jam have, especially the ones that mix horror and humour. This one for example:

Issue 2 starts with a murder which is made to look like something from a bad slasher film, but as we eventually find out, actually isn’t.


It’s the last murder by a notorious serial killer called Darwin, who Rex wants as a consultant on his horror film, President’s Day. The only problems are that Darwin is locked up in prison and he’s also a psychopath who makes a promise to Rex that is what Rex wants, though it’s clear he’s going to get more than he bargained for.


The rest of the issue is set aside for Darwin’s trial, with T. Rex acting as his defence lawyer with a set of qualifications he’s spent good money on.


After a brilliant few pages which sees T. Rex thrown in jail for contempt of court, and the trial eventually resume to well, you’ll have to buy the issue to find out what happens to Darwin’s attempt to stay out of prison and T. Rex’s attempt to get him to work on his film but the fact this is only issue two and there’s more issues to come will give you an idea of how things turn out.

The Auteur is a wonderful twisted satire for adults, and I say this because a lot of what’s going on if you skim read it will fly past you. This is a comic which needs a few readings to get what’s going on below the superficial twisted comedy it looks like which is something you don’t get with many American comics much these days. It’s a joy to read something so adventurous, funny and downright twisted so as you’d imagine I’ll be looking forward to issue 3 to find out just how more twisted this comic can get.

3 thoughts on “What I thought of The Auteur #2

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