A (hopefully) final word about Joshua Bonehill and the Daily Bale

I’ve been involved in this story about Joshua Bonehill since August when he attacked the Globe pub in Leicester, and this resulted in him being found guilty of malicious communication last month.Yesterday he was sentenced.


Maynard Griffin, chairman of the bench, ordered Bonehill-Paine to complete 180 hours unpaid work, a two-year community order and costs of £145.

That’s right, Bonehill has to pay for his attack on the Globe this way, though the court did say:

Upon sentencing he told the defendant: “It will not hurt to say that another repetition of this type of behaviour could leave another court with little option but to deal with you differently


Considering Bonehill’s online behaviour this is probably going to be sooner rather than later, however the reason why Bonehill isn’t currently sitting in prison (as many including myself feel he should be) is this.

Accompanied by his mother to court, magistrates were told how widespread “provocation” over a long period of time from a number of individuals had led to Mr Bonehill-Paine’s actions.

Michaela Rose, defending, said the defendant accepted the information behind the article was wrong and he had made a “huge error” in sharing the information without checking its truthfulness or validity.

She claimed in the lead-up to the inaccurate article, Mr Bonehill-Paine had been subjected to “disturbing” messages from individuals who had taken a dislike to him – and the defendant believed the Globe pub landlord was part of this internet attack on him.

Miss Rose said: “Mr Bonehill-Paine was completely at fault for what he did and accepts it was inappropriate.

“He responded to some quite extreme provocation by a number of individuals now known to the police. It’s fair to say he was put under a lot of pressure and was encouraged to engage in these ‘tit for tat’ exchanges.

“The hatred shown towards him became quite extreme to the point his address was publicised in a public forum, forcing him to make police complaints and having things put through his letterbox.

“Mr Bonehill-Paine felt the only outlet to express himself and respond to the allegations about him was on social media.”

Magistrates were told that a Facebook page was set up against the defendant entitled “Bail Out – Send This Sick Psycho to Jail” where he was threatened, goaded and jokes were made about what may happen to him in jail.


So there you go. Someone who abused, libeled and attacked people, businesses, not to mention used the murder of Lee Rigby to make himself a local celebrity while seemingly scamming charities has got his wrists mildly slapped because some in the anti-fascist movement played the same tactics against him. Well done guys, I hope you’re all proud. You’ve given him the excuse to get away with it as prison might just have shown him he can’t get away with what he’s done, but now he can voice vaguely false platitudes while yet again pushing his usual bullshit.

“It has been a victory for me personally in the sense that those who have so wrongly agitated me over these past few months have not gotten what they want, that being my imprisonment.

“I will take lessons away from this whole thing and now work to better myself and move forward.

“During my time while standing in the dock, I had a Union Jack Flag in my pocket, a Union Jack tie on my chest and a flame in my heart that burns for patriotism and a love for this country.

“I am sure that through divine belief and my confidence in this trial, I was not imprisoned for that reason.”


I stopped blogging about Bonehill because I realised I was giving him exactly what he wanted which was to feed whatever psychosis he’s suffering from. He’s used the attacks on him on social media as a defence which is frankly, fucked, but it’s clear looking at some of the responses towards Bonehill that they’re almost as bad as some of the shite Bonehill has come up with.

I hope this makes Bonehill think about all the dozens of people he’s hurt. The lives he’s upset and the damage he’s done. I hope his words are genuine and I hope he takes this opportunity to try to repair his life so this doesn’t hang around his neck to heavily for the rest of his life. I’d like to be that optimistic but I don’t see it happening. If he’d any sense he’d stop using Lee Rigby’s murder as a propaganda tool for right wing fascism and racism (something Rigby’s mother strongly objects to people doing) not to mention using the Daily Bale as some sort of mouthpiece for his frothing insanity. If not then he may carry on campaigning for UKIP, but seeing as the EDL have told him where to go I’d imagine he’ll carve himself the niche he seems to want by creating some movement designed to annoy anti-fascist campaigners which will carry on feeding this lad’s insanity.

So I’m going to stop talking about him. People are fee to use any of the blogs I’ve written about Bonehill or the Daily Bale to discuss this but unless there’s anything worth talking about I’m hoping Bonehill does fall off the internet, sorts himself out and gets his life together. I’m hoping protesters move from him and focus on the genuine threats like UKIP and the various fascist/racists infesting the internet.

I hope it’s all over and people move on. I’m hoping I never feel the need to talk about this again.

16 thoughts on “A (hopefully) final word about Joshua Bonehill and the Daily Bale

  1. I should probably point out that bonehill never did ‘campaign for ukip’, despite his claims. Since they have him blacklisted, he never will. A well put blog post though Glenn, I’m glad I’m not the only one pointing out that some of the anti fascist activists etc most likely did more harm than good in trying to ‘battle bonehill’. Their actions probably have prevented a man who is criminally insane from going to prison and getting the help and rehabilitation he so desparately needs! I hope that you get to focus on your blogs about comics and movies which I do enjoy reading. I hope joshua really has learned a lesson but somehow I doubt it. The only thing people like him ‘learn’ is how to be a bit more careful not to get caught.


  2. I do not necessarily believe there is any evidence at all that alleged harassment from others had a single thing to do with the verdict.
    You quote his defence lawyer as saying that he had been harassed, it is her job to point out mitigating factors whether they are true or not,the Magistrate did not say a single thing about him being harassed and if it affected sentencing.
    The harassment that Bonehill is claiming is previous to the offence against The Globe pub and it is his excuse for committing the offence,at no point in the proceedings has anyone mentioned possible harassment after that or in the lead up to the case.
    You also seem to believe that it is/was solely Anti-Fascists that were interacting with him and I would not call Sara Roocroft ,Maggie Chapman and Steve Armstrong of The British Patriots Society Anti-Fascist but rather I would call them Fascists.
    Bonehill received the highest possible non-custodial sentence and the reasons for this are unknown to you and anyone but the Magistrates in question.I believe personally it was due to his claims of mental health issues and he has on several occasions threatened to commit suicide if he received a custodial sentence.His young age and possible chances of reform due to that were also probably a factor.
    If you have a disagreement with the sentence then your grievance lies solely with the judiciary involved and not with others who on the most part were preventing him from spreading any more lies or inciting harm to others.

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  3. His latest post on his Nationalist Resistance blog demonstrates that he has no intention of backing away. If he has learnt a lesson, it appears to be the wrong lesson.

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  4. He’s not changing. The little darling has spread my LinkedIn profile on Twitter, and has been going on about my breasts.


  5. I’ve been on Twitter along with a lot of other people talking to Bonehill. You are correct it’s not just anti-fascists who have been attacking Bonehill but the majority is, including a lot of rubberneckers jumping on the bandwagon which allowed Bonehill the excuses he needed.

    We’re supposed to be better than the racists and fascists, not play their own game. That’s the point.


  6. Well there’s exactly what I was talking about. Prison might, just might have shocked him enough but a slap over the wrists won’t.

    He does still however have the civil case from Maggie Chapman to deal with. Assuming she’s still going ahead with it?


  7. The result of his case was the heaviest non-custodial sentence he could have got. But I agree, prison is what will shock him into changing.


  8. The outcome of Joshua’s sentencing would have been very different if it had just been a case of a malicious Internet user being responsible for a series of unprovoked attacks. Unfortunately it did not end up like that and both anti fascists and the likes of the BPS/chapman’s ilk started to give the guy significant levels of attention and it became a series of tit for tat arguments. Some of the things I saw put by such people have been shocking to say the least and frankly they are all just as bad as he is. There is no doubt that this behavior complicated matters.


  9. I know I keep saying this, but those who keep engaging with Josh and giving him all of this attention and exposure have been fueling Joshua’s insanity. What people just cannot seem to grasp that he is only doing and saying all of this crap to spark outrage and draw attention to himself. He’s not really right wing or a fascist, he is not being serious. He does it because people like becki then go to considerable effort to try to psychoanalyse him through what he writes. Glenn had been doing that with this blog, until he figured out that by doing so, he was giving joshua exactly what he wanted. There is only one way to put a stop to his behavior and that is to ignore him. Report anything criminal to the police and leave it to the professionals to deal with him. Activists, bloggers and teaching assistants are not the sort of people josh needs ‘helping’ him.

    Also I’d take any claim from the fascists of the bps that they are perusing civil cases against bonehill with a pinch of salt. With the way they have responded to josh they do NOT have a case. Chapman in particular has made every effort to goad him.


  10. To add to my previous comment about civil cases, I highly doubt anyone at all is actually going to sue josh. Legal costs are incredibly expensive and no solicitor in the country would do no win no fee against somebody who probably isn’t even going to be able to pay his fines from his prosecution. You don’t take someone to court to make a point, you do it for recompence and resolve. Josh has no assets and lives off the welfare state. A civil case would not bring about any result which would make the vast cost worthwhile and given the behaviour of those threatening to take civil action, they themselves face substantial risk in doing so.


  11. Woody, it certainly sounds like you don’t like me (btw I’m not a teaching assistant, I do a different role).
    Joshua was handed his sentence based on what happened BEFORE the Globe attacks, not what was said to him/about him on social media/blogs etc.

    Whilst he likes the attention, people are entitled to engage and debate with him, especially when he posts things so publicly. Many people did that for a long time. In fact, my debates with Josh were just that, debates. We interacted for quite a while, and whilst I may have called his ideas ‘loony’, I was not offended by him, and was in fact just amused (although the Globe thing and the hoax things had pushed the boat out). It was only after he called me a ‘spastic’ that it changed. I didn’t interact with him after that.
    Following his sentence he then shared my personal details on Twitter and told people on twitter that I was in an ‘incestuous’ relationship. I had not spoken to him, other than to say that ‘motorboating’ was not appropriate to say on Twitter about a woman, and to leave me alone.


  12. Becki, of course I don’t dislike you, I just have found it quite frustrating to see people sucked into joshuas sick games. I am in the unique position here of having met joshua in person. At one point I even thought he was my friend, not realising that in reality he had some serious issues. The trouble that he has been going out of his way to cause for me have been enormous and it may well be that he was even responsible for the hell I went through last year. Steer well clear of him


  13. No Woods I did not goad him.I have had him and his many alts blocked since last year.


  14. And Woods as you have been told MANY times before but seem to have a problem grasping the civli case ISNT about monetary gain and everything to do with getting him off the net.As you dont now who I am or what I can or cannot afford, may I suggest taking your own advice and stepping back?


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