Max Clifford knows the score

Today, Max Clifford was found guilty of eight charges of indecent assault. This makes him the first successful prosecution under Operation Yewtree, the investigation set up after the Jimmy Savile story broke. This is a clip from the documentary Starsuckers which features Clifford and is probably going to get a few celebrities shitting bricks and if this clip is anything to go by, probably for good reason.

There’s going to be no tears shed for Clifford however there’s clearly more to come from this as the clip hints. Clifford is one of those people who’s toxified British culture so seeing him revealed for what he is isn’t satisfying as people had to be his victims, but hopefully it now shows to the rich and powerful that they’re not going to get away with this type of abuse and that we as a whole, will now take the allegations of abuse more seriously.



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