Pulp Vs. Jamie Hewlett

Back in the day when the flavour of Pop was Brit, and shite like Dodgy and Kula Shaker had chart success, some good came from Britpop in the form of Pulp, who were imperious during the summer of 1995 thanks to their single Common People and their headlining spot at that year’s Glastonbury Festival on the Saturday night.

I stumbled across scans of the comic adaptation Tank Girl co-creator and original artist Jamie Hewlett of the song, Common People, that he did for the French single release. They’re not widely known about, especially among a section of comics fans far more interested in spandex and muscles, but they’re worth seeing again nearly 20 years later.












2 thoughts on “Pulp Vs. Jamie Hewlett

  1. Nothing to do with the comic adaptation, or Tank Girl for that matter. It’s Pulp and I’m afraid like a lot of music of that time, they stunk. I always felt that song was a lot of pretentious nonsense, nor was it particularly good or entertaining. Could be that I’m a sad, bad tempered old git but I think not.
    You want music to move and excite you by a band that can frighten the life out of you? The Pretty Things.
    You want noise with some of the best power guitar racket? The Pirates.
    You want to feel the joy of dirty music? Dr. Feelgood with Wilko.
    You want some ethereal, beautiful, can’t quite believe those chords music? Tallis Variations by Vaughn Williams.
    You want your head messed with? Miles Davis.
    You want the saddest songs that you can’t get out of your head? Townes Van Zandt.

    This could go on all night and I haven’t mentioned Atomic Rooster yet. Let’s leave Pulp and their likes to the dustbin of history.
    Amazing what a wee swally and the volume control will do.


  2. Ha! Bollocks!

    Pulp were one of the few good things to emerge from the festering shite of Britpop.

    Go watch some Menswear videos to see what true shite was about.


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