Sex and Fanboys Bun Toons! Woah!

I discussed this in a blog a week or two back, but this is funnier and more to the point!

Ty Templeton's ART LAND!!

What's the difference between being sexy and sexist? What’s the difference between being sexy and sexist?

There’s a T-Shirt design that’s been going around the ‘net (and a convention or two) for a while… one that seems intent on offending women fans at conventions.

I’m all about the rebuttal…Click on any of these images and they will take you to a full sized image, large enough to print out and turn into a T-Shirt transfer.  Free to all…

upset by a woman once

bitter misogynist

Clearly Not Filling the Cup

Of course, retaliation just makes everyone ramp up the rhetoric and all of a sudden we have a war on our hands.  So don’t wear these in public after all…

I’ve just never understood the Boys-Only club mentality of fandom.  Why on EARTH wouldn’t anyone want more fans for their favorite thing?  It means sequels get made to stuff fans like if there’s more fans.  And could someone remind me why meeting a woman who shares your…

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