Free Comic Book Day

Today is Free Comic Book Day. This is something where people can pick up a whole range of free comics from shops across the world. It’s a fantastic idea that many shops use to get in new customers, including kids who are often forgotten about in today’s direct market shops as they pitch to the same customers.

Comixology is also giving away free comics, and several are very much worth looking at. I especially recommend Moth City, which is simply superb.

Just don’t be an arsehole and sell any free comics you do pick up right away on Ebay. That’s just being a cock.

1 thought on “Free Comic Book Day

  1. Our local library was involved today and put up a good show. There was a queue before they opened at 10 am. Probably helped by them selling off, dirt cheap, old G.N. and tpb stock. Really encouraging to see families coming in and engaging with the staff and picking up comics.


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