My vote for the European elections goes to……

I got my postal voting pack through for the forthcoming European Elections here in the South West of the UK. It is frankly, a shocking indictment of how bad modern democracy is in this part of the UK. Here’s a list of parties and this should explain what the problem is.

I’m a very left wing type with a strong working class background, so where’s the party which represents me? It’s not Labour as they’re Tory-Lite, and it’s certainly not the Lib Dems who wiped their arse on the benefit of the doubt people gave them in order to maintain their place in a position of power. I’m certainly never voting Tory as frankly, that would be wrong to vote for people like the Tories but what other great choices are they?

There’s An Independence From Europe, who are an offshoot of UKIP who are also standing. There’s the English Democrats and the BNP. The BNP bigots, racists and homophobes but out of this four they’re the only ones who demand any sort of respect because they are at least honest about their racism and xenophobia. UKIP and their offshoot are just xenophobic bigots pandering to the very, very worst in people while hiding their policies, though in UKIP’s case they’re not printing their manifesto til after the election. That’s right, UKIP want people to vote for them without knowing what they’ll be voting for.

Then there’s the English Democrats who are just old fucking bigots who want to blame everything on Scots, multiculturalism and whatever isn’t old white English people going grrrrrrrr at everyone who has the hints of a tan or a vague Scottish brogue in their accent, while making a mockery of the word ‘democrat’ just because they’re wankers.

So that leaves The Greens. A party who’s science policy is flaky and they support homeopathy. Fuck.

This means the least evil, the least xenophobic, the least racist party wins my vote and with a lump in my throat I stuck my X next to The Greens. This is by no means a party I want to support but as I want to vote in the European Elections I have no other sensible choice. This is bollocks however if I’m to show any sign of dissent against the Westminster parties and the xenophobic bigots hanging like winnets from the arse of British politics then in this part of the world, I have no fucking choice.The last thing I want is Nigel Farage or some prick from the English Democrats cawing over the fact they’ve used feat to mobilise a vote based upon bigotry.

This does not mean I’m going to start eating mung beans and open a mindfulness workshop. Fuck that. It just means I’m registering a protest vote with the only party left to me as an option without having to swallow too much of my ethics.

This is not the way is should be.

24 thoughts on “My vote for the European elections goes to……

  1. I should probably point out that UKIP do have a European manifesto. I know this because one was pushed through my door. What I think you are talking about is a general election, full policy manifesto. You may find that the other parties don’t have an up to date one either. National policies in this election are somewhat irrelevant anyway, as we are not electing a national government. We are simply sending representatives to sit in a huge chamber for what is an absolute farce of an institution and a real threat to true democracy. Argue it however you like, but the very fact that at no point have we been asked if we want to be in the United States of Europe plays testimony to this and the idea of governance by consent goes straight out of the window.

    Am I saying ukip, or indeed any of the others you have listed are the answer for everyone? Of course not, but I am finding it increasingly interesting that I seem to be seeing frequent examples of left wing activists defacing ukip posters, throwing eggs, intimidating members/supporters, disrupting their meetings and the like, all whilst throwing the usual ‘nazi!’ And ‘fascist!’ Slurs. If only they knew that these were EXACTLY the tactics the Nazis used in Germany during their rise to power…

    I’m glad you were able to pick a choice amongst all of those parties, even if it wasn’t ideal for you. Personally, I haven’t decided where to place my vote yet so you’re a step ahead of me!


  2. Exactly like Nazi Germany would be rounding up UKIP voters and members, setting them apart from society, putting them in camps and killing them.

    All UKIP are getting is some good old-fashioned freedom of speech.


  3. Trashing political billboards, signs and posters is criminal damage. Throwing eggs at somebody is assault. Interrupting a political meeting in an aggressive and intimidating manner is breach of the peace. These are the tactics being employed by these ‘left wing activists’ and they are quite similar to that of the nazis in their rise to power. These are criminal offences amd typical fascist behaviour, they are not expressions of free speech.

    Let’s face it, the only reason ukip has got this ‘fascist/racist’ label from the left is because they have found themselves with nothing to do after wiping the floor with the bnp and reducing it to nothing more than a sad middle aged fat guy (who looks like a greggs sausage roll), making racist rants for YouTube. Apparently anybody who wants to democratically elect their own government who can be held to account by the public and wants a level of border security is now somehow a racist xenophobic nazi. I bet you have never even met a real person from ukip or heard what they have to say. You base your assertions upon what you have witnessed from idiots like bonehill who have nothing to do with the party, as well as others claiming to be supporters, yet in reality could be literally anyone!

    Being a progressive liberal means having an open mind to everything. It is about weighing up pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, realistic and unrealistic and what is in the best interest AND wishes of most people, not just what you believe and think. In a democracy it is up to the people to decide individually best for them and collectively the majority will rule. You can only put your side across in a calm collected manner and leave the decision making up to the electorate. People are seeing how ukips opposition is behaving and it is making ukip seem the most palatable option to those on the fence, which make up the majority mate.

    Politics is a very interesting but brutal thing to play, take it from me. It is those who base their views upon emotion and political dogma rather than research, facts and reason that crble very quickly.


  4. No, it’s not fascist. I know this is what UKIP think is ‘fascism’ but it really, really isn’t. It’s dissent. It’s protest. If it was fascism you wouldn’t be typing what you are.

    It’s also in the case of Bill Drummond, art, and it’s designed to provoke and engage debate, but again, UKIP don’t understand this or indeed, understand art situtionationists.

    I base my opinions of UKIP upon not only Bonehill, but the streams of racists, bigots and homophobes streaming into constituencies across the UK. There’s UKIP’s problem and of course, because everyone thinks UKIP are successful it’s dragged the debate down to their level and it’s worth noting that UKIP have wiped out the BNP vote.

    So we get An Independence from Europe, the fucking English Democrats and all the Westminster parties throwing themselves into the same sewer UKIP occupy.

    It’s bollocks.


  5. Even if these actions are dissent or even an obscure political ‘art’, they are still criminal offences. It is never the way to go and you end up making yourself look like the stereotypical foot stomping middle class anarchist student like rik from the young ones!

    I have to admit though, most of the choices are crap in the south west. I’d rather deep fry my own hand than vote bnp or English democrats!


  6. Criminal offences in the name of art or dissent is an essential part of democracy. It’s hilarious to see UKIP get their knickers in a twist and avoid the debate Drummond has asked for because. well, it’d involve informed discussion and UKIP don’t do that.


  7. So hang on, let me get this straight… Are you advocating law breaking and criminal behavior as a way of political activism? I understand the need to do engage in what is technically criminal activity for those living under and trying to fight against tyrannical regimes, but in this country we are not.

    The thing is, do those opponents and critics of ukip really have the moral high ground if their first port of call is to fight dirty? I can’t imagine it helped! What I do know is that when People hear about things like what happened to me a year ago, they see through it straight away. These are the people sitting on the fence and every time they see a defaced poster or a young man dragged onto national news because a media outlet callously targeted him in a smear drive, they become more and more sympathetic to ukip. The only way to challenge ukip is to provide a better alternative and so far everybody seems so transfixed on slagging the next guy off that they have seemingly missed that one.


  8. ”Are you advocating law breaking and criminal behavior as a way of political activism?”

    Yes of course. It’s an essential part of any democracy and shows those saying that Drummond is ‘fascist’ don’t know the meaning of the word.

    It’s not ‘fighting dirty’ because the likes of the English Democrats and UKIP fall apart when they discuss they’re policies. Drummond’s mistake is to give UKIP ammunition to play up their martyr complex but UKIP get a disproportionately large amount of media coverage for a party with no Westminster MP’s and a handful of European ones, not that the Euro ones actually do anything.

    UKIP want to be part of the national debate, then they’ve got to be prepared for everything that comes with it.All the other parties have billboards defaced, politicians egged (a grand British tradition I though Farage would approve of) and of course, be completely dissected by the public and media.


  9. Well we may have to agree to disagree then. What about going after individuals with libelous smear campaigns to fight a political battle? Do you approve of that?


  10. I can see the attraction to drawing mustaches on David Cameron’s face on conservatives posters etc, it can be quite funny. really do hope you are not serious about the last point though. After seeing the amount of devistation caused to people by bonehill, are you insinuating that sort of behavior (libel) is acceptable if directed towards politicians and political candidates?


  11. Resorting to criminal, illegitimate or dishonest means is not necessary or appropriate in a democracy. The democratic process is open to all, there are no obstacles stopping people from challenging their political opposition.

    Democracy is a place where hearts and minds are the winner and most of the electorate are sitting on the fence. They are not like you or I, they are not particularly passionate, activists or anything like that. The problem with engaging in criminal damage of political advertising, libelous/slanderous smear campaigns against candidates, lies and spreading disinformation is that the public will not see it in the same way as you. In these cases, right or wrong, ukip become the underdog. Those on the left carrying out these underhand, dirty tactics make themselves look like spoiled children stomping their feet because they resent democracy and the fact that there are people out there with different views and perspectives who are just as entitled to express them and take part in the democratic process. The victim becomes a more palatable choice than the bully.

    Ignorance shows as well. As I said before, I highly doubt that you have met real people from ukip or been to a public meeting. Your view of them is based upon what you have heard from their opposition, the media, idiots on the Internet and highlighted examples of the odd dickhead but with so much spin it makes you dizzy! The people I met in ukip were ordinary. Just another political party with a diverse range of people from all walks of life, backgrounds, religions and so on. It has the same share of idiots as the other parties but its impossible to avoid in an organization of tens of thousands of members. We only hear about it more because these examples are highlighted in an attempt to slow down its rise in support. Meanwhile you have a party like the lib dems with a disproportionate quantity of sex offenders and other sorts of serious criminals (charity theives, bomb makers etc) coming out of the woodwork. I mean seriously, I couldn’t trust my vote to such people!

    Being a progressive means being open minded, on the fence and open to all sides of the coin. Hear what everybody has to say and then make up your own mind, leaving others to independently make theirs too. Discuss, debate and engage! Got to love democracy! 🙂


  12. Political dissent, including front line activism is an essential part of democracy. I know the Westminster parties are on the whole corrupt waste of spaces though this isn’t to say there isn’t any good MP’s from all parties as there are.

    UKIP however are just jumping on a populist bandwagon and are hiding, lying and avoiding the scrutiny they’re rightfully getting. UKIP supporters shouting ‘fascist’ are essentially, shouting down anyone pointing out that the majority of people won’t vote UKIP, and there’s a large amount of people in the UK who find UKIP incredibly worrying as an extreme right wing party hiding behind a populist agenda.

    UKIP want to play with adults, then they’re getting the scrutiny they’ve avoided for years. Complaining about that now is futile. However the fact so many candidates are EDL, ex-BNP, homophobic, racist, bigoted or just pushing a more extreme Tory agenda, or are indeed, failed Tories like Neil Hamilton (a man found guilty of corruption) to speak for the party.

    UKIP, like many single issue parties, fall apart when their full agenda is discussed. That’s their problem. You can’t expect not to have people pull away from voting for them then people find out that they’re just as bad as the rest in pushing the same agenda of privatisation.


  13. I don’t dispute that political parties should face scrutiny, of course they should, INCLUDING UKIP. The problem is, there isn’t an even playing field at the moment. Labour have candidates and sitting councillors who are ex BNP. A Lib Dem town councillor where I live was recently found guilty of stealing from the British Legion. Another lib dem candidate was recently jailed for making a bomb and I don’t think it is possible to watch the news and not hear a story about Labour and Liberals embroiled in sex offences and paedophilia. The thing is, when these politicians are exposed as criminals, the media treat them on an individual basis. There is no suggestion that their behaviour is representative of their respective parties. However, UKIP ends up having a handful of idiots come out of the woodwork and apparently the rules change. Your opinion of UKIP is perfectly valid and by expressing it on here you are giving others the chance to see your point of view. when people disrupt political meetings trying to do the same thing, or damage campaign material, they are denying others the chance to hear and see what their democratic choices are offering. My point here is not about “is UKIP good or bad, right or wrong”, but the fact that underhand, illegal and foul-play tactics are totally undemocratic. Smear campaigns which seem to be a favourite one right now can be devastating for the individuals that are targeted. How is lying about people healthy in a democracy?


  14. Damaging ‘campaign material’ is part of dissent. Disrupting meetings is part of debate.

    The thing is there’s not a lot of lies people are saying about the policies of UKIP as they come from UKIP literature.

    UKIP’s thing is that they don’t want informed debate. They don’t want scrutiny. They just want people to shut up and be told.


  15. But what about telling lies and slandering/libeling individuals to suit your own political agenda? Do you consider them as ‘fair game’? Do you think that underhand tactics actually work, or can you see that they actually make your side look bad to most people?


  16. UKIP are just as bad as the rest for just about anything. Along with the Greens I think they should be respected for having conviction in their cause as they are the only major political parties to actually be passionate about what they believe, whether you think it is right or wrong. Ultimately though, UKIP are ‘just another political party’, there is nothing ‘extreme’ or otherwise unpleasant about them though.

    The other day on the daily politics, Matt Forde hit the nail on the head about UKIP.

    “The main problem that the left have is that they want them (UKIP) to be racist, they want to compare them to the BNP. The problem is, UKIP, for all I’d never vote for them, aren’t as extreme as the people campaigning against them want to be. And the reality of campaigning against ukip is that you have to campaign against them as you would the tories, labour or the lib dems and fight people on their record. The reason that not enough people agree with what you are saying is that it doesn’t charm with the reality of what people are seeing from UKIP. They don’t feel like they are a racist party, because they’re not.” – Matt Forde (Watch from 6:40)

    The reason that UKIP’s opponents are failing to put a halt or to even slow down their rise in popularity is because they are not challenging them on their policies. Even most UKIP supporters see the holes in policy and there are many to pick up on and go after. The problem is that when you start throwing mud at somebody instead of taking them head on in an adult manner, those sitting on the fence watching will automatically side with the person who is not acting in a childish, unprofessional manner. Labour have made a big mistake, I think, with their EU campaign because that is literally all they have been doing. I want to vote for a party that is professional in approach, has policies which they are prepared to discuss, debate and compare with their opposition. That is how you conduct democracy. You don’t do it by drawing willies on billboards. Yes, it is highly amusing but it is not the answer if you wish to be taken seriously.


  17. Most of those opposed to ukip are not challenging them on policies though and that is my point. Instead we see the sort of shit the uaf, hnh and the mirror come out with on a daily basis; mudslinging and the usual nazi/fascist/racist jibes which do nothing besides show a total lack of understanding of what those words actually mean on the part of those using them. It nonsense yet these people get the airtime, not those with genuine concerns and questions to put to ukip.


  18. Oh yes they are challenging UKIP on polices, or indeed, the lack of obvious policies.

    If Farage has a problem with people pointing this out, then let’s have him debate the points in an informed way rather than how he is at the minute by blustering.


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