Michael Alig is a Free Man

One of my favourite films this century is Party Monster.

Party Monster Quad (Page 1)


It’s a film about Michael Alig, a ‘Club Kid’ in New York in the 1980’s who killed a drug dealer friend because that’s the sort of thing fucked up drug addicts do. You’d think this wasn’t a subject for an extraordinarily camp film featuring Macaulay Culkin and a truly bizarre turn from Marilyn Manson as a drag queen. It’s also a film I’ve adored from the moment I saw it at the Stockholm Film Festival in 2003.

2014-05-20 19.51.06


I’m going to go more into depth about Party Monster, not to mention that trip to Stockholm in forthcoming blogs, but I noticed today that Alig is free from prison and dear Jebus help us, is planning an assault upon modern culture.

He’s done an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in the States, and it’s worth a read to see what an egotistical sociopath thinks like after 17 years in prison. It’s also an interview which makes Culkin’s performance so much better as he actually is that much of an annoying wanker.

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