Go out now and vote for anyone but UKIP. They don’t deserve your vote

The European elections are in full flow with all the UK party leaders flooding into polling places across the country to cast their votes. People are trickling in by the dozen to cast their vote in a election which the majority of the electorate couldn’t give a toss about but it’s important for how democracy in this country is going to shape itself from now on.

Of course I’m talking about UKIP, a party with no manifesto, or detail but they do have soundbites. They do seem to have run Labour to the hilt and may indeed, finish with the most amount of votes, but of course the majority of people in the UK will still vote for pro-EU parties, and in Scotland the situation may be that UKIP get nothing compared to their impending success in England which of course, will be something Yes campaigners should play on to who how par the politics of England, (well, the South of England) have shifted from that of Scotland.

This success UKIP seem to have won (we’ll find out for sure on Monday when the results are announced) is however accompanied by a wave of outstanding ignorance, stupidity and the sort of entitlement that if it were coming from a child they’d be spending enough time on the naughty step to pass them over til puberty. The comments at prize prick, Paul Staines/Guido Fawkes site is an example of the stupefying idiocy of UKIP supporters.

For example:


Yes, this Tory party is well known for being ‘liberal’. The delusional state of UKIP supporters gets worse though….


So not only is the ‘ArchBishop of Archway’ so mouthbreathingly stupid he can’t notice a fold on a ballot paper, he goes and spoils his other ballot paper.

It gets worse.


It goes on like this for comment after comment, and Twitter isn’t much better. Obviously UKIP supporters are getting their excuses/complaints in early, but for their notice, I need to point out that folding ballot papers isn’t actually illegal, though polling stations are advised to hand over papers unfolded, but it’s not legal and frankly, if you can’t fucking work out how to unfold a piece of paper when you’re 18 or older then you really shouldn’t be allowed out alone into the community.

This however isn’t a new complaint. In fact UKIP wanted to get the elections five years ago rerun. I assume until Nigel Farage got the result he wanted. Look, it’s simple. You can use your democratic right to vote UKIP in the last few hours of voting but you’re opening a door to some very dangerous people as this article will explain in better detail than I could. This is important as mentioned in the piece…

UKIP are in no way an an acceptable protest vote, and current media coverage of Farage’s campaign has only started to scratch the surface of why this is. More robust evidence suggests people are just looking for easy answers to the EU’s problems. Farage and co. rail against the political class but don’t appear any better at keeping promises. Recently they disowned their 2010 general election manifestocalled it ‘drivel’ and replaced it with, well, nothing. At the local level they make vague populist statements like “council tax should be as low as possible” and preach about green space protection while planning to abolish the ‘costly’ EU Landfill Directive. Farage has convinced many to support him by posing as an outsider to the system while around the edges of the UKIP phenomena are some revealing hypocrisies and insights into the debate on global democracy.


UKIP aren’t telling you, the voter what they stand for apart from lies and soundbites about the EU and immigration. Their support for Thatcherite polices, neoliberalism, not to mention fascism, extremists and bloody Vladimir Putin is extraordinary for what is supposed to be a mainstream party. They want to remove some cultures more than others. No Tamla. No Trojan.No Billie Holiday. No Black Uhuru. Just Nigel Farage’s voice every hour on the news speaking ‘common sense.

So if you do read this and decide to vote, then weigh up if this is the future of democracy where a party can gain support for standing for nothing in public, and hiding it’s true designs until it’s gathered up votes. Ask yourself if this is democracy and if UKIP aren’t a bunch of liars, racists and extremists who will destroy what we’ve spent decades building up.





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