So you voted UKIP…..

Well done, you have (as Stewart Lee said) shat in your bed to complain about someone shitting in your bed. A third of those who voted in a pitifully low turnout voted for UKIP or another extremist far-right party in the local elections. You voted for a party who have no local policies beyond weekly rubbish collections and ‘common sense’.

These are the results so far.

Labour 570 (+94)

Conservatives 468 (-101)

Lib Dems 139 (-84)

UKIP 87 (+86)

Green 4 (+1)

Of course the media needs to take some responsibility here. For months we’ve had nothing from the alleged ‘leftish’ media like the Guardian and the Mirror that UKIP were racist (which they are) and pose a danger (which they do) but offering no alternative apart from the Westminster parties. This is why people are fed up. They’re tired of what the Westminster parties offer which is why UKIP pose a threat, and now they’ve had some limited success this means the Tories and Labour will try to counter UKIP not by providing a seriously different alternative to UKIP, but by becoming more like UKIP which again shows the lack of imagination and paucity of thought in Westminster.

These papers could have pushed The Greens, or for Scottish and Welsh voters, the SNP or Plaid, but no, it’s Westminster which is the only other option because it’s the same sad old arguments. I’m watching the waste of flesh that is Michael Gove squirm on breakfast TV trying to drag the discussion round to slagging off Labour and pull the old line that the government is ‘addressing people’s concerns’, when they’re clearly fucking well not. There’s the problem. All the Tories and Labour offer is the same auld shite but with sprinkles on top, while UKIP offer an illusion of change while wanting to remove hard earned working rights from the EU and also get us out of the Human Rights Act.

There’s now an item on breakfast news about an EU ruling which means that people on commission may get better holiday pay so that holiday pay is based upon people’s basic pay, but thanks to the EU it may be that employers have to calculate pay based upon their total pay with commission. This is part of the Working Time Directive. This is what UKIP want to take away from millions of people. This is what you’ve voted for.

So you voted UKIP. You didn’t just vote for a party which is racist, and is setting other cultures up to be better (‘I want more quality” said Farage on LBC), but one operating for business so they can take away workers rights. It’s not ‘immigrants’ doing this. It won’t be ‘foreigners’ who will make your jobs worse, or take away your holiday pay, or the health and safety legislation that stops you from being injured or worse, but it’s you. You voted UKIP. You’re helping pushing Westminster politics more to the right, and right into UKIP’s hands. You brought this upon yourselves. You had the democratic right to make an informed decision with your vote but you didn’t. You just shat the bed for the 70% of the country who did vote and didn’t vote for an extremist party.

And oh, if you didn’t vote and you complain about things, don’t be a wanker like Russel Brand and wait for a revolution to happen because you’ve played into the extremists hands. Not voting (you could even fucking have spoiled your paper) is handing power to the likes of UKIP. You’re just as culpable as those who voted UKIP.

2 thoughts on “So you voted UKIP…..

  1. Well that’s democracy and that’s your own personal opinion about ukip. If you are correct though, IF… Ukip are not to blame. The failings, corruption and anti democratic workings of the Westminster elite are to blame. The majority want out of the EU. We know it can’t be reformed and we see through the bullshit rhetoric that it is ‘just a trading bloc’, completely ignoring the fact that there are very clear blueprints set out to create an undemocratic United States of Europe. This is neither the will nor in the best interests of Europeans as a whole, which is why they won’t trust us with a referendum on it. This nation is a special case too. We have not been ruled by a foreign entity for a thousand years and we fought wars against people likeNapoleon, Wilhelm and Hitler and many more, all who all had a vision of a one nation Europe. If this doesn’t end soon, it is going to get ugly. It was a nice idea but it is never going to work


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