What I thought of Crossed: Badlands #54

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Last issue we left Gordon Brown trying to palm off stopping the forthcoming End of the World to the American president. but he was, well, indisposed. This issue picks up with Brown’s aide, Alistair stomping around the lab they’re hiding in and the two aircrew from 617 Squadron trying to get to this lab it seems, while at the same time trying not to be horribly mutilated by people infected by the Crossed virus.

At the same time Gordon Brown is dithering about the Russian bombers heading to the US, but seeing as the US aren’t capable of saving themselves, it’s dawning on Brown that he’s the only one who can ‘save the world’, which I think is a nice little reference to this slip up.

The situation does however become grim, and Ennis sneaks in a lovely little jibe at Brown’s time as Chancellor.



Things are exceptionally bad. India won’t retaliate, America is in pieces and the UK can’t muster up a fart in a hurricane, however there is one last hope…

crossed23 Which explains what the aircrew from 617 Squadron are trying to do and seeing as they’re not too far from where Brown is, he asks Harry and his team to go and get them, even though there’s a load of SAS who could do this.

Before going out, Harry talks with Dr. Chopra about what might be causing this in an interesting few pages that Ennis dangles a few reasons as to why the Crossed have appeared around the world at the same time, but as yet, nothing is confirmed as Ennis teases us readers. But Ennis does confirm Hull is gone…


If I was being cruel I’d say that nobody would notice if there was a Crossed infection in Hull but I won’t…

Up til now this issue (and much of the last issue) has featured lots of men in suits standing around talking to each other, and it’s been thin on action. Now as much as I like this, Crossed: Badlands is a horror comic with a big action quota so without spoiling things we get a bit of that as Harry and our crew from 617 Squadron (The Dam Busters) finally meet up. However back at the lab, Alistair is about to do something very dangerous.


To find out what the job is and why it’s dangerous buy the issue, or come back next month for the penultimate part of this rather different take on the apocalypse from Garth Ennis who has done a great job slowly building up the tensions, but next issue promises some serious horror….

One more thing, this is Avatar’s blurb for this issue:

In the opening days of the Crossed infection the world reels beneath the onslaught of maniacal insanity. And yet, between the heartbeats of the maniacs loosed on unsuspecting humanity, a deadly endgame of nuclear war is playing out. With Russian nukes inbound to the east coast of the United States, the English Prime Minister must make a daring decision to avoid all out human annihilation while trying to determine the cause of the Crossed plague tearing through his country. In this world full of monsters, there is no help


Brown wasn’t the ‘English’ PM, he was the UK PM. He’s also Scottish. It shouldn’t take much to work this out but obviously someone couldn’t be arsed doing some basic factchecking.


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