Remember when MTV actually talked about music?

While researching one of my Glastonbury blogs, I stumbled across this video….

It’s a compilation of highlights of MTV’s coverage of Glastonbury in 1993 presented by Paul King who seems confused about being in a field rather than hanging around London. It’s from a time just before the horrors of Britpop, but we can see hints of the coming apocalypse with chancers like Dodgy being featured. Remember Dodgy? Remember thinking ‘oh fucking hell, there’s Dodgy‘ and trying not to sick up your liver when you heard them?

But before Dodgy, Gene and fucking Menswear, the British music scene was all over the place, and this video is a lovely little archive of what things were like before it all went wrong. It’s also a reminder that MTV used to play music rather than pump out shite reality programmes featuring some unfeasibly breasted women poncing around with some pumped up pinhead bloke with an arbitrary penis grafted onto the creatine pumped mass he calls a body.

Remember when MTV was fun, rather than oppressive in it’s shiteness? This is a nice reminder of when those times existed and we never had it so good!



2 thoughts on “Remember when MTV actually talked about music?

  1. Oy, B######ks, indeed! You must have been really cheered to hear that Menswear were back. I hadn’t a clue what you were talking about. Then I heard something on the radio about them re-forming. Haven’t a scooby what they sound like and I don’t care to find out. I’ll take a big dod of Dr. Feelgood over most things any day,
    See all that Britpop and the tollies who smelled up the place? One good blast of a Wilko riff or a sweat dripping brain ripper of Mick Green at full throttle simply wipes away the appalling memory of most of that stuff. Glad I got that off my chest. Actually, just a Rico moment will do it.
    Mind, if everyone had exactly the same taste it’d be a just a tad boring and I wouldn’t be able to laugh at your execrable taste in music. And I’m proud to say I fell asleep during a King Crimson concert at the Greens.
    By the way, still no word from you, grand garçon. Rapidly aging here and having to do Italian homework to stave off the boredom. But as I read very few new comics, I might not be much use to you. Ciao ‘n’ ‘at!


  2. Avoid Menswear!!

    I had a period in the mid-90’s dodging them in my then frequent trips to London but that’s another story.

    Yes, I owe you some questions. I need to finish them off!


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