Metallica shouldn’t play Glastonbury…

There’s a little fuss over Metallica playing the Pyramid Stage at this year’s Glastonbury Festival because we have the Arctic Monkeys on one side saying they shouldn’t be playing , and on the other hand some of their fans are saying they shouldn’t be playing because it’s somehow betraying their fans. 

This is on both sides part, complete and utter fucking bollocks. Metallica should play and they should headline. In fact it’s seriously overdue for a metal band to headline the festival which has, at best, dabbled with metal and skirted round Punk on it’s main stages. It’s an arts festival and missing out the harder forms of music is ridiculous just because people say it’s ‘not what should be there’.

What’d people have? Fucking Coldplay again??

I’ve seen Metallica a few times including once at the Reading Festival. They’ve been immensely dull at times, but when they’re on form they’re an amazing live band who take songs like One and turn it into a wall of sound few other acts out there can do.

Now this isn’t as bad as the Jay Z outcry from 2008, and it certainly isn’t tinged with racism as that was, but it is tinged with a sort of classism that Glastonbury is somehow too ‘sophisticated’ for the gruff genre of heavy metal, and that only painfully white Indie guitar music is good enough.

Think about it. Who’d you rather actually see at a festival? Kasabian or Metallica? Both acts are fairly conservative but there’s more chance of the blood pumping into your groin listening to Metallica than Kasabian’s Indie by Numbers. There is also the fact Metallica have one of the best songs ever…

Now I’m by no means a Metallica fan. I think they’ve not produced anything decent since the 90’s and their treatment of fans downloading their songs from Napster still stinks, but Glastonbury is supposed to celebrate all music, not just what Hipsters reading the NME think is ‘great music’ and whose musical history of the festival reaches back to as far as 2005.

For me, this is the festival making up for all the lost opportunities of sticking harder bands on a main stage in a leading slot. OK, they did stick Queens of the Stone Age on headlining the Other Stage the other year, but that was against Beyonce, so it was lovely and quiet but they deserved a bigger crowd. A bit of variety makes the festival, and frankly, I hope this is a sign that Michael Eavis decides to get more metal and punk bands on the main stages. It’d be brilliant to shake the festival up from an impending middle class stupor.

Those moaning that this is ‘letting down their fans’ need to also realise some people don’t just follow one type of music, and are in fact musical cuckoos who like genres of all types. I’m looking at my CD’s and there’s a few Trojan Records box sets, Boards of Canada, Prince, Sisters of Mercy, Bowie, Sly and the Family Stone, The Hives and lots, lots more. There’s nothing which suggest I listen to one type of music only unlike I assume those ‘fans being let down’ who have all the metal you can eat in their collections. Variety is a glorious thing and open the mind.

People going have a choice between Metallica and one of the roughly two dozen at least other acts playing on other stages, or they could just do nothing. That’s the beauty about Glastonbury. It can be what you want it to be if you let it. You don’t have to sit on your arse in front of the Pyramid Stage watching everything because you know it’ll be safe, mainly ordinary, acts.

Metallica shouldn’t play Glastonbury, they should fucking blow the place up with huge explosions of sound. If that upsets people then sod them….

1 thought on “Metallica shouldn’t play Glastonbury…

  1. I am a big fan of Metallica and frankly the lack of metal bands at Glastonbury fest is the main reason I’ve never bothered going, despite it just being a short bus ride up the road from me. I haven’t heard of this objection but sod them, let a real band play for once!


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