Why are the likes of Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama talking about Scottish Independence

This week Hilary Clinton was interviewed by Jeremy Paxman and during this the subject of Scottish independence came up. Her comments suggest that it’s Scotland who will be lost by Britain, which as Alex Salmond rightly says;

Mr Salmond said the American politician was entitled to her views, adding the inference that Britain would “lose Scotland” after a “Yes” vote was similar to reported remarks by Prime Minister David Cameron.

The first minister said: “In any case, Scotland is not a property to be lost but a nation about to take a precious and consensual and democratic decision.


Quite. The language of the debate is still geared in ways to suggest that Scotland is owned by ‘Britain’  but really what they mean is England, specifically London/Westminster still controls Scotland and it’s resources which is exactly the argument over independence. This has also been the week where J.K. Rowling gave a huge sum of money to Better Together which has resulted in people giving her abuse on social media which is, frankly, mainly just of the sad sort of abuse you’d expect. However most of it isn’t. Most of it is pointing out that a Scotland with separate values to that of the Westminster parties helped her when she needed it, and that supporting Better Together is actually supporting the three main parties, all of which are looking to break the decades old welfare state and drag the UK further to the right in order to chase UKIP votes.

In fact the way it’s been played reminds me of this Bill Hicks routine.

It’s as if there’s been a campaign to create a perfect storm so people campaigning for independence will give Better Together what they want which is to slur the campaign. Now I’m not a believer in conspiracy theories but I do know Saatchi and Saatchi are now helping organise the No campaign, and this all seems like an ordered campaign to stir up controversy which therefore helps polarise the debate even more without having to convince the people of Scotland of any side of the argument.

As people reading this blog will know, I’m a Scot living in England so I rightfully don’t have a vote. That decision lies with the people of Scotland and they need to make an informed decision on that vote, but the last week has shown what the powerful and wealthy consider Scotland to be which is owned. The talk of ‘greater powers’ is all a smokescreen as what isn’t being discussed in all the chatter of Scotland becoming independent is what happens to the rest of the UK, including it’s seat on the UN Security Council which is possibly what worries the US if it suddenly doesn’t have another country who’ll blindly agree with them.

I don’t see these interventions this week will change too many people’s opinions but it does show that Scottish independence is something a lot of people don’t want but seeing as they don’t have a vote on it they intend to influence popular opinion, or in Rowling’s case, throw the gun at the feet of Cybernats and wait for them to pick it up so her mates can pick them off.

This is why the people of Scotland need to vote Yes. Had things worked out for me last year I’d probably be back in Scotland now, but sadly I’m not going to have my say. I hope the people of Scotland choose wisely and don’t let the likes of Obama or Rowling make them make a bad choice.





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