What I thought of The Auteur #4

Thoughts about #1#2 and #3.


Last issue saw our protagonist Nathan T. Rex cleaning up after his insane serial killer film consultant, Darwin, decided to brutally murder and mutilate the large-breasted actress star of his film President’s Day. This issue picks up from that as he remembers that the horrible and brutal murder he’s tried to cover up has been filmed and is about to be shown as dailies. 


But instead of the expected response he get’s something entirely different…


Sadly for Rex the studio loves the footage, even suggesting they could sell it as a snuff film (which of course it is) in Europe in order to make money probably from people like me when I was 14 and seriously into horror films. Rex however doesn’t want the film to be a horror film any more as he fears for his soul so decides to make President’s Day a romance, and after sacking the director he decides to direct it himself.

Now if that all sounds utterly mental and in enormous bad taste it is which makes it all the better. However Spears isn’t over yet as Rex directs a heartwarming romantic scene…


From here it’s just going to ruin the fun if I continue to say anything else as it’s just going to spoil a comic which is utterly distasteful and hugely fun. It’s kind to like finding your parents fucking while on ketamine under the Christmas Tree, but they’ve bought you that Chopper Bike you always wanted in the right colour and you’ve got a World Cup Subbuteo set. You can’t quite stop looking at your parents gurning and fucking but you’re playing footy and riding your bike to really care!

The Auteur feels wrong in places but that’s the point. It’s not a safe satire which means it’s trying to be really quite nice about the subjects it’s satirising, but it’s trying to kick its subjects while they’re on the ground. On the whole it succeeds but find out for yourself and buy a copy of the comic or download it as I did from Comixology.


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