Glastonbury 2014 is nearly here….

It’s been a long wait it seems since that mild October morning where we all battered the buggery out of phones and servers in order to get tickets for the 2014 Glastonbury Festival. As anyone who’s been paying attention to this blog will know I’ve been going since 1992 and last year’s festival was one of my favourite years ever. This year hasn’t got an astonishing line up, but it’s ok, though with the rather pathetic hipster attacks on Metalllica playing it promises to at least make a dreadful weekend for any ketamine fueled London hipster who watches them as they end up shitting themselves in terror at them.

As opposed to last year I’m not a bloody mess. I’m actually more or less organised, though as always I’m not looking forward to that bit between getting off the bus from Bristol and walking with all our stuff to where we’re camping. This year though we’re not going to be in Park Home Ground which has been where we’ve camped since 2005, as a couple of our group now need proper disabled facilities so we’ll be in Spring Ground which is by the Pyramid Stage. I’ve not camped near the Pyramid since 2004, and in fact, not too far from where we’ll be this year.

It’s been baking hot down here in the South West for a few weeks now and I can’t remember the last time it seriously rained for more than a passing shower. The forecast for this year’s festival is dry with the odd shower which is fine as long as it doesn’t unrelentlessly piss down and become a mudfest like 1997 or 1998. though when it’s boiling like 1995, 2000 and 2010 it comes with other problems such as melting and sweating into your boots, not to mention the site turns into a giant dustbowl of Steinbeckian proportions. Whether you prefer that or the floods of 2005 is entirely down to you of course.

Since the fence went up in 2002 there has been a change in what Glastonbury is, what it stands for, not to mention the people coming which has, sadly, meant an increase in rubbish, waste and a general attitude that it’s somehow someone else’s job to clean up after you because you’ve paid a couple hundred quid for a ticket. Well if you’re coming for the first time and don’t realise you need to tidy up after yourself, or that you’re one of those people who are simply too selfish to give a fuck about the people around you, or the mess you;ll leave then realise it’s a working farm. Your mess makes that farm a problem for the cows which live there most of the year, and several have died because people have left rubbish, and no, it’s not someone else’s job to tidy up after you. It’s not hard to clean up after yourself, regardless of how fucked you are so bloody do it.

Anyhow, just a few days now and it’s all going to kick off for another year. The Green Fields look ready..



The Pyramid Stage looks ready…


All that’s needed is us. Come Wednesday morning we get the chance for another year to get away from the stresses and pains of our regular lives for a few days. So be nice to people, tidy up after yourselves, don’t be an arsehole, stay off the brown acid and remember clean pants and toilet roll.

Enjoy the festival………………..

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